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Wow. If your child is intellectually curious and a great reader, Zoobooks is the children's magazine for you.

Each issue is highly focused on a specific subject. I just read the "Animal Babies issue. Trust me, it's not a "look how cute!" read, aimed at your toddler.

Nope. It's like a semester-long science class on the subject of Animal Babies across a wide spectrum of species. There is a ton of text, but no shortage of informative pictures to go with it.

If your child is into learning, take advantage

You never know when social concerns are going to start taking precedence over intellectual ones. Get an issue of Zoobooks in your child's hands now.

Like I said, this is the children's magazine for readers. The first paragraph contains the following words:

  • arrive
  • adaptations
  • environments
  • naturally
  • equipped
  • caterpillars
  • automatically
  • miniatures

This kids' magazine won't be talking down to your children. Instead it will be informing them. When your child finishes with a particular issue, chances are he or she will know a bunch more than you on the subject.

What an ego-booster that will be! Don't you love when your child says to you,

"Did you know...?

Zoobooks contains no ads (At least as of this writing.)

And a subscription buys your child password-protected access to "a secret online hangout just for kids." (Also as of this writing.)

Nice extra. You're buying not just a subscription but a membership!

Like most children's magazines, there is a focus on activities. Zoobooks provides its activities in a 4 page removable section. Needless to say, the activities are more involving and time-consuming than those in most other children's magazines.

Usually, I try to say something negative about a product

But in this case, it's hard. I will say this: if your child is not a competent reader or is not a pursuer of knowledge, then this particular kids' magazine is likely to go over like a lead balloon.

I should also say that your children won't be protected from the knowledge that animals tend to eat animals. But by the time they're old enough for this magazine, that shouldn't be a problem. There's nothing too graphic.

On the other hand, if your child is too young to be a great reader yet, don't despair. Zoobooks has a baby sibling magazine designed for younger readers, ages 2-6.

Zootles is a great magazine in its own right, softer and cuddlier. And of course it does a great job of growing your child toward its more challenging sibling magazine.

Older kids with a thirst for knowledge, give them Zoobooks. Younger kids with a love for animals? Zootles is the way to go.

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