by Anna Bergstrom

multicolored hands linked

Being different is the structure,
that tells you who you are.

It sets you apart from all the others,
it makes you stand out by far.

Manners and charm help if you're going for the gold,
but if you're not yourself then the fakeness will get old.

Seeing what they think of you and hearing what they say,
could be just the ticket to ruin your wonderful day.

But you can't let that get to you.

Don't let them put you down.
Put on your brightest smile, and wipe off that ugly frown.

Difference isn't bad, it's what makes us 'you' and 'me'.
If we were all alike, how do you think that would be?

When people match up to others I sometimes wonder why,
when they could just be themselves and they wouldn't need to try.

So just be who you are.
That's my advice to you.
You could do things that you never thought you'd do.

The End

Copyright Anna Bergstrom 2011. Please do not copy, reuse, print, or publish without my permission.

The author lives in Minnesota, USA.

Webmaster's note: I hear a little echo of Dr. Seuss in this verse and how it speaks directly to the child. Read our review of Oh, the Places You'll Go! to see if you hear any similarity.

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