Xlibris Review

by Sharlene Weingart
(Dawson Creek, BC, Canada)

Daddy Sneaks

Daddy Sneaks

Xlibris review by a three-time client: Don't expect a human to look it over...my VERY costly lesson.

I have published three picture books for children through xlibris and been happy for the most part.

The first two books came together rather seamlessly, and I am very pleased with the finished products. However, my third book has caused me some problems.

1. Xlibris tends to like to rush you to approve corrections with phone calls and emails.

Being in a hurry, as excited writers tend to be, I got carried away and gave my final approval too soon.

This being the third book, I had assumed that the person working with me would know that the book was to be 24 pages long. She didn't, and once I had signed off she sent me the pricing, etc., for the book, and it was actually 26 pages long.

This would mean an increase in price of $6.00 a book!

Not the least bit reasonable, especially considering there was a blank page and a copy of the cover in the book page count. So, I had to pay correction fees to have this fixed.

2. Again, I assumed that the person I was working with would AT LEAST look at the final copy.

I got an email of it and mistook the copy of the cover page for the cover. Long story short, I approved it. I ordered 250 copies (again in a hurry, so I could receive the final offer of free shipping and an extra discount on books until November).

When I received the books, the words did not match up with the pictures. Because I had approved it, I lost the money and have 250 misprinted books...plus my 10 "free" author copies.

Xlibris did waive the correction fees this time around. I calculate my loss to be around $1500.

Xlibris review

That's why I recommend that you see a hard copy of your books before giving final approval, and NEVER order copies - no matter how excited you are or how good the discount - until you have a hard copy in your hand.

I will use xlibris again, as they have a fantastic art department, but beware: you are the only one looking out for your best interest, even if you think the people you talk to sound really nice.

They have many authors and don't give personal attention to your book.

My books are called: Mommy Takes Away; Daddy Sneaks; and the book I referred to above is Grandma Loves...for which I am now waiting to receive my hard copy to give final approval...

And know that this xlibris review tells how the company worked hand-in-hand with two child authors.

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Aug 23, 2010
Don't be pressured or get overeager
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Excellent thoughts, Sharlene!

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