Writing a children's book about childhood obesity

by Craig
(South Wales, UK)

A head full of ideas but an empty page in front of me!

My name is Craig and I am a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist. I have actually written an ebook, but it's not that particular book I am writing about today.

Childhood obesity book

I would like to just tell you a little about myself in the hope that you will understand where I am coming from. I am extremely passionate about people's health and fitness and in particular the rate at which obesity is growing around the world. That is why I am actually making it my personal mission to make obesity obsolete!

The funny thing is, I actually believe I can achieve that! I'm not crazy by the way, or maybe there is a very fine line between crazy and passionate!

I have a mission statement that I use and which I wrote myself. I hope you don't mind me sharing it with you. Here goes:

To change the world we have to change minds. To change minds we have to change hearts. To change hearts we first have to open them up to the possibility of change.

Hopefully there is enough in that statement to make you fully understand what it means, if not, then I will happily explain it fully if requested.

Anyway, I will get to childhood obesity as the subject of a book, I promise.

I believe that prevention is better than cure, and in the case of obesity we need to prevent the younger generations from evolving into obese adults, because, sadly, that is the way the trend is going!

However, this can be changed, and the only way we are going to change it is by educating children! I don't mean forcing it upon them in an uninteresting, mind numbing way that lacks excitment and engagement. I mean fun, engaging and exciting education that will not only get children to think about their health but also make them decide to change it for themselves!

The reason I say that is because, we are currently facing an obesity epidemic; child obesity is at the highest it has ever been, so parents obviously aren't doing the greatest job in the world.

If we can get the children to have a change of heart about the food they eat and the activity they take part in, they can then work with their parents to change their hearts. It works hand in hand.

So, to my point...finally!

I have an idea, a great idea, that can change children's minds about food, exercise, health, etc. I know this because my children have been extremely responsive to this idea! I have been using this concept to help my children.

This idea can be adapted into a book series, TV programme, roadshow and more. I have created the characters, who are extremely inventive and relative, and they really engage my son - to the point that he requests a piece of fruit at different times throughout the day because the main characters in the story do so too!

Here's my dilemma: I have the characters, I have the ideas on where to take them, I have the expertise and knowledge on the subject matter. I even have the creativity. What I lack is the writing expertise and even, to an extent, the time!

Is it possible or advisable to join forces with an established writer/author and work together on said project to bring this to reality? My thinking is, an established writer/author will already have the publishing contacts - therefore taking that part of the process out of the equation - and obviously the writing experience.

I am willing to work 50/50 with someone on this, because my main aim is to try and stop an obesity epidemic and not so much do it for financial gain!

I apologise for the very long post, and I look forward to some insightful responses.

Kind regards,

TFL Coach (Craig)

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finding an author for your book about childhood obesity
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Craig, welcome, and kudos on your goal. In case you haven't discovered it, we have a popular page on this site addressing the subject of children and food and directing parents to some good books on the subject.

I'll share some of my thoughts on your query.

Getting a book written would be the easiest part of your quest. There would be writers willing to do it for upfront monies, and there would be inexperienced writers - maybe competent, maybe not - who would be willing to do it with the arrangement you suggest.

Getting the book published would be HARD. It always is. Making buyers aware of your book is still harder.

I had a nutritionist wife who had a passion similar to yours. At one point, a book agent approached HER! (As opposed to her approaching the agent.) Why? Because she had a huge website much like this one that was well-trafficked.

In publishing these days, they call that a platform. What do they mean by platform?...

An existing audience. They want to know that the author can sell books himself. That greatly reduces their risk of losing money on your publication. That's why celebrities are more likely to get books published.

So my advice to you is to put aside thoughts of writing a book until you've developed an audience. And a funny thing happens once you do that: other options appear. For instance, you might find you don't need a publisher in order to get your obesity book out. This website gets tens of thousands of visitors a month. I don't need a publisher so much when I can display my own wares!

You clearly know how to put words on a page. In Web World, we call that "creating content." You might want to think about developing a content-heavy website on the subject of childhood obesity that hosts your thoughts on all aspects of the matter, that turns parents on to resources, etc.

I know it sounds like putting the cart before the horse, but these days it really isn't. So that's my advice. Put the book on the back burner and figure out how you're going to find YOUR audience.

Battling obesity
by: TFL Coach

Thank you both for your comments.

Apologies for the late reply, it's been a busy few weeks.

Thank you Steve for your comments - very constructive, and they make a lot of sense. I had already built a website and started driving traffic towards it.

I have now also built forums to help further; they are aimed towards adults, but the advice I offer can be used for the whole family. I never offered advice on quick weight loss or fad diets! That goes against everything I believe.

The type of weight I concentrate on with my clients is body fat, not lean tissue, which you can lose a lot of with fad diets and other quick weight loss gimmicks!

In just a few weeks I have managed to get a good bit of traffic to the site, and as it grows I will eventually introduce the idea of the children's book!

Fingers Crossed!

Thank you again.

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