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About WorldCat

WorldCat is the ultimate library catalog. Here, you can find just about any book, magazine article, newspaper article, movie or CD and the database will tell you how many libraries own this item -- libraries around the world, that is. Then you can use this information to request that the item be delivered to your own library for you to borrow -- and it's all free!

I have been nothing short of awe-struck by the intrepid ability of librarians around the world to deliver information, quickly, from the furthest of locations or the slimmest of options.

These folks are the Indiana Joneses of cyberspace. Disguised as boring, bookish types, they are the hackers of the new era -- hard-core information junkies who will go to just about any length to deliver even the most mundane of requests. Why?...

Because knowledge is gooood... and they'd like for you to share their high.

By creating an account at WorldCat (also free), you can, in addition to searching out titles, write reviews of books on the site for others to read, compile "wish lists" and much more.

Check out this amazing service -- and learn just how easy it can be to get your hands on all things library.

Webmaster's note

I had not even heard of WorldCat until PJ mentioned it, and now I'm concerned she's actually understating its utility.

This resource makes practically every library near you a WorldCat Library.

Let's say you need a book now. You're willing to travel across town if necessary.

Instead of checking each local library's online catalog separately, you visit the site (or better yet: use the search box below). You type in the book's title, author or subject, and - once you get the results you're looking for - you now have an opportunity to enter your zip code.

Welcome to WorldCat Local (or LocalCat)!

You'll see city libraries, county libraries, university libraries, possibly even public and private school libraries.

A WorldCat search can pinpoint where in town - closest to you - is the book you need. (That's right: WorldCat saves gas!)

This resource saves you from having to keep track of all the various, changing urls for the various libraries about town.

In fact, the 'cat is so valuable I'm going to slap one of their search boxes up right here for you to use and enjoy. Please do!

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