The World Is a Rose Garden

by Amanda Martin

rose garden growing in a glass

Have you ever seen a rose garden in bloom?

Every rose is different.

Every rose is special.

Some are tall, some climb and curl along fences, or grow low to the ground.

I've seen baby pink roses, white roses like clouds, lipstick red roses.

Some roses have large, forest green leaves, others have lots of tiny frog green leaves.

Some roses smell sweet like my grandmother's perfume. Some don't smell at all!

In my garden I grow tough roses with big, sharp thorns and gentle roses with itty-bitty thorns.

Some roses come from far, far away and some come from down the road, in my garden they love to live side by side.

Even though all roses are different, they all need the same things.

Warm sunny days, cool drinks of water, healthy soil to curl their roots into.

Everybody loves roses, but it's hard to pick a favorite because they are all special in different ways.

Think of the world as a rose garden. Everyone is a special kind of rose.

Some people have straight golden hair, some have curly midnight locks.

I have muddy river brown eyes, maybe you have cool ocean blue.

My arms are kind of oatmeal beige, my best friend's legs are chocolaty brown.

My cousin is small for his age and can tuck himself into tiny spaces, I am tall and reach for things he cannot.

Even though everybody is different, we all need the same things.

Friends for hugs and laughing and playing hide-and-go seek, cozy beds at night, sweet dream kisses, and healthy food to grow up big and strong.

Everybody I know looks different, but no one is my favorite because everyone is special.

It is no better to be tall or short, freckly or caramely, quick at math or fantastic at dodge ball.

Every rose is different. Every person is different.

Every rose is special. Every person is special.

What kind of roses do you know?

The End

Copyright Amanda Martin, 2007

The author lives in California, USA.

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