Will the Wing
The Fastest Rugby Player in the World
by Bernard Katz

rugby player goalposts

Will the wing is the fastest rugby player in the World.

Playing on the wing means he stands close to the edge of the field. Standing close to the edge of the field means the ball is passed to him surprisingly few times in a game.

Not surprisingly then, when he does get the ball it is usually a big surprise. But once he recovers from the surprise he can run as fast as the wind.

Will the wing can run so fast that when he kicks the ball high in the air he is always able to chase it and catch it.

Unless, of course he is running too fast, cannot stop and runs past the falling ball.

Will the wing can run so fast that even if there are three players from the other team in front of him he runs circles round them.

Will the wing can run so fast that when he is late for the team bus he runs next to it until the bus stops at the next stop-street.

Now because Will the wing is so fast, he is a very good rugby player. All the other players like having him on their team.

"Well done Will", they all cheer when he scores a try. And they begin to sing (to the tune of Wee Willie Winky):

"Fast Will the Wing runs up and down
This way and that way the Warthogs have a frown"

And because he is so fast he scores lots of tries and his team mates do a lot of cheering and a lot of singing.

But there is one thing about Will the wing his team mates don't like.

Will the wing is a litter bug.

Where ever he goes, whatever he does Will the wing leaves litter behind.

After a game the team stop for hamburgers. The hamburgers are wrapped in paper. All the other players throw the paper in the bin.

Do you think Will the wing throws his paper in the bin?

No, he just throws his paper out of the bus window.

When it's a hot summer's day and Will the wing is practicing rugby on the beach, he often buys an ice-cream.

What do you think he does with the ice-cream wrapper?

He throws the wrapper in the sea and walks away.

Whenever his team mates see him littering they always ask, "Will, please throw your rubbish in the bin".

Will the wing always replies, "why should I? Litter doesn't affect me".

One day the "All-Stars" were playing against their fierce rivals, a team called the "Warthogs".

It was a very windy day and the wind had blown rubbish from the bins into the crowd and onto the field.

It was the first half and surprisingly Will the wing got the ball and started to run. His team mates were already cheering, "Go Will" because they knew when he got the ball and started to run he would almost certainly score a try.

He first ran past one Warthog player and then another and as he was about to pass a third when a gust of wind blew an old newspaper onto the field. It covered Will the wing's face.

Now because Will the wing couldn't see where he was going, it was easy for the Warthog players to tackle him.

And boy did they tackle him!

He went one way the ball went another and Will the wing ended up flat on his back, with the newspaper still covering his face.

At half time Will the Wing looked around the stadium and saw the litter flying everywhere

"I will never score a try with all this litter around", he thought. "I must do something".

Then he had an idea. He called all the children sitting in the stand and gave each one a large bag.

"Please can you help me clean up the stadium", he asked, "so that I can score a try and the All-Stars can win the game"

The children agreed to help and soon the stadium was spic and span.

With no litter to slow him down Will the Wing scored three tries in the second half and the "All-Stars" won the match.

After the game, in the changing room, Coach Whistle said to the team, "You played well today and I hope you all learnt an important lesson."

He looked at Will the wing and said, ...

"Don't litter. It is not only bad for our environment it can also stop us from scoring tries".

The End

Copyright Bernard Katz, 2009

Bernard lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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