Why Ostriches Don't Fly

by George Xenophontos

ostrich walking


To Jenna, Luke Theophilus, and Elissa Grace
as well as
Abby, Erin, Evie, and the “Little One” on the way—
Enjoy your book!
God’s grace to all of you.

Kip loved animals. Everyday he would read about them in his books and watch them on TV. From animal posters to stuffed animals, his bedroom was filled with all kinds of neat creatures. Kip really, really enjoyed animals.

Kip’s mommy and daddy always taught him that God made each of the animals a long time ago. “God is the Creator of dogs, hogs, and frogs,” his daddy said.

“That’s right,” said his mommy with a smile,” He also made cats, rats, and bats.”

More and more, Kip learned about God’s greatness as he discovered each animal.

Sunday School was exciting to Kip. Some of his favorite Bible stories were the ones with animals. From Day Five, to Noah and the animals on the Ark alive, he loved that God had so much to say about animals.

Kindergarten was a blast for Kip! His teacher, Mrs. Jentos, had tons of fun animal stories. Like Kip, she loved animals and always talked about the many different kinds—big and small; tall and short; fast and slow; wet and dry; hairy and smooth. As each day passed, Kip got closer and closer to the big day!

Finally the big day came. Kip and his class were going to the zoo! It was one of his favorite places in the world. The happy class sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and “BINGO” on the bus ride. After a while, Kip’s face lit up—he was finally at the zoo!

Kip smiled as he visited the animals. He enjoyed watching them run and jump. Some climbed and others swam. A few were eating and drinking. Even one or two slept. Kip wondered what it would be like to feed them and pet them and play with them. If only he could take one home!

Then Kip went to the ostrich yard. His teacher told the class that ostriches run fast, but don’t fly. This caught Kip’s attention, so he quickly raised his hand.

“Yes Kip?” Mrs. Jentos asked.

“Ma’am,” he said, “I’m wondering why ostriches don’t fly.”

His classmates quickly turned to the teacher.

She laughed and answered, “I really don’t know.” But Kip had to know.

Kip thought and thought for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, the answer popped into his head!

“That’s it! That’s it! I got it!” he yelled.

So he ran to his teacher, tugged on her hand, bounced around, and said with a bright face, “I know why ostriches don’t fly!” The class rushed near to hear the answer—

“One time,” Kip began, “An ostrich was tired from flying all night. But he still wasn’t home. So, he went to the airport and bought a plane ticket. When it was time, he got on board and the plane took off. He loved the ride and enjoyed the many peanuts that were shared with him. Then after watching a movie, he decided to look out the window and—

“It scared him! The ostrich saw that he was way too high in the sky. He couldn’t wait to get back down to the ground. For the rest of the trip, he closed his eyes, buckled his seatbelt, held onto the chair, and prayed to God.

“The ostrich was so glad when the plane finally landed. He promised never to fly again and realized that because of all the peanuts he ate, he was too full to fly anyway!

“After he got back home, the ostrich shared his peanuts with the other ostriches and told them how scary it was to fly. So this is why ostriches don’t fly—they’re too full and too scared!

“I know we can’t ask them about it because they don’t speak human. But, if you look at the ostrich yard, you’ll see that there are some peanuts on the ground and that the ostriches get scared every time they see a plane fly by! Yup,” Kip ended, “that’s it—why ostriches don’t fly!”

The End

Copyright George Xenophontos, 2010

The author lives in New Jersey, USA.

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