Who Is Driving?
by Leo Timmers

Leo Timmers' Who Is Driving?

Children's book review by Sarah Denslow

Ages 2-5

A matching book

Originally published in Dutch, Who Is Driving? is an excellent book for even the youngest of children.

Using bright illustrations, the book asks children to pick out the animal that will be driving a particular vehicle.

Who’s driving the fire engine? Well, let’s see…of the four animals presented, only one is wearing a firefighter suit, so it must be – elephant!

Younger children may not be adept at picking out which animal is dressed to match a particular vehicle (and some of them are quite tricky), but they can work on animal names when they see the elephant or giraffe or hippopotamus in the car.

Children can also join in the fun by helping to make the noises of each vehicle, as a distinctive sound is provided for each: takke-takke-takk goes the jeep, weeooh, weeooh goes the fire engine.

Who Is Driving? has a simple, repetitive structure that children will love, but still has enough variety that it doesn’t get boring. The illustrations are engaging and playful. Timmers tells us where each animal is driving to (tennis court, jungle, etc.), but leaves us with this conundrum “Who will get there first?”

This book was also available in a pop-up edition, for added excitement, but it can be hard to find. So you might want to check out Mr. Timmers' Look What I Can Move! as well.

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