Where Can I Put My Boogies?

by Gina Cirincione

crying girl in pigtails

My name is Samantha and I am only 3 years old.

Most mornings our family gets up very early (even if I do not want to) so that I can go to my pre-school and Daddy and Mommy can go to work.

I like going to school every day because when Mommy and Daddy pick me up they give me a big hug and kiss!

One morning when I got up, I had this sticky stuff coming out of my nose. I was scared and started crying for my mommy.

My Mommy said,”Don’t worry, Sammie, they are just “Boogies” that are washing germs from your body. You have a little cold.”

I tried to wipe them off with my hands, but Mommy said, “No, don’t wipe the Boogies all over your hands; I will wipe them for you with a tissue.”

I went off to school but the Boogies kept coming out of my nose in school. What am I going to do? My Mommy said not to wipe them on my hands, so… I wiped them on my dress.

My Teacher saw me and said, “No Samantha, don’t wipe your Boogies on your pretty dress, let me wipe them for you with this tissue.”

I was playing with my best friend Noah, when the Boogies started coming out again.

I thought, I cannot wipe them on my hands and I can’t wipe them on my pretty dress. What can I do?

I know…I will wipe them on Noah’s shirt. I thought that was a great idea.

Noah started crying and told my teacher that I wiped my Boogies on him. So my teacher said, “No Samantha, don’t wipe your Boogies on Noah’s Shirt. Here, let me wipe them for you with this tissue.”

It was almost time to go home and just before my Mommy came, my Boogies started coming out of my nose, AGAIN! I not allowed to put them on my hands. I cannot wipe them on my pretty dress and Noah will cry if I wipe them on his shirt.

Where can I put my Boogies?

I saw the coloring table with my friend Janet coloring a picture. I decided to put my Boogies under the tabletop, so her clothes would not get dirty. However, my friend Janet went to pick up a crayon that she had dropped and put her hand on my Boogies!

“Yuck!” she said, and began running to the teacher. My teacher said, “No Samantha, you can’t put your Boogies under the table. Come here, I will wipe them for you with this tissue.”

Finally, my Mommy came to pick me up. When we got home those Boogies started to drip out of my nose again!


Mommy said not to wipe them on my hands. The teacher said I shouldn’t wipe them on my pretty dress. I can’t put them under a table or even on Noah’s shirt. What am I going to do?

I know what I will do with my Boogies! I will go get a tissue, just like Mommy and the Teacher did, and I will wipe my Boogies myself!

So…that is just what I did.

My mommy was so happy, that she picked me up, spun me around and gave me a big hug and kiss. She said, “I guess someone learned something new at school today.”

I was so proud and happy, because I finally knew where I could put my Boogies! Hooray!

The End

Copyright, Gina Cirincione, 03/11

The author lives in New York, USA.

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