Look What the Cat Drug In!
by David DeValois

lion and cat cartoon

from the series, My Cat, Squeaky

Hi. My name is David and I want to tell you all about my cat, Squeaky. Squeaky is the best cat in the whole world.

Squeaky is a really weird name for a cat. I don’t even know how she got that name. I think she was named by one of my three goofy older sisters.

Squeaky is sort of black and sort of brown and sort of white all mixed together and she has black ears and a black tail. Oh, and she’s a girl cat.

So, I wanted to tell you what happened last week. It was a nice summer day and Squeaky decided she wanted to play outside, even though she’s mostly a house cat. I think Squeaky pretends that she’s a lion or a tiger or something, because as soon as she goes outside she starts running around the whole yard, kind of like a lion out in the wild.

It didn’t take long and Squeaky came back to the front door with a garter snake in her mouth and it was still alive and wiggling and everything.

Garter snakes are cool because they make my sisters scream and run away, but they don’t really hurt you. My dad says they aren’t the kind that can kill you or make you bleed or poison you or anything.

Squeaky tried to go back inside the house with the snake sticking out of in her mouth. When she wants in, Squeaky jumps up and hits the doorbell with her paw. Really! She’s a really smart cat. So, Mom heard the doorbell and came out to talk to Squeaky.

“Squeeeeeaky. You are not coming in this house with that snake!” Mom yelled. It’s kind of weird for a grownup to talk to a cat. I’m not sure whether cats even understand human language. But Mom talked to Squeaky kind of like she talked to me when I came inside and left mud all over the white kitchen floor.

The weird thing is, Squeaky seemed to understand. She let the snake wiggle out of her mouth and ran all over the yard again.

After a little while, Squeaky came back. She had a strange look on her face and when I got up close, I found out why. She had another snake, but this time the whole snake was inside her mouth. Oooh. That is so cool!

Squeaky stuck her paw in the air, jumped up to ring the door bell and waited for Mom to come.

“Squeaky? You do NOT have another snake do you?” Mom asked. Mom looked all over Squeaky--under her front paws, under her belly, and all over the front porch just to make sure. “Ok, Squeaky, you can come in.”

As soon as Squeaky got in, she opened her mouth, let the snake out on the living room floor and ran up the stairs faster than she ever did before.

Mom’s eyes bugged out a lot but other than that she really didn’t freak out much. Mom just picked up the snake and threw it outside. Then, she started laughing. “That Squeaky. She got me again,” Mom said.

Well, I’ll tell you some more stories about Squeaky later on. See you later.

The End

Copyright David DeValois 2009

Regina lives in Iowa, USA.

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