What is the easiest writing to sell?

by Erin

How easy and quick is it to sell a children's book?

I'm in trouble. Basically I'm disabled (but no benefits) and I need to make money. I'm a pretty good writer (all my friends say so), so I'm trying to figure out what kind of writing pays well and quick. Make sense? How long does it generally take to sell a picture book?

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There is no easy writing to sell
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Erin, hi. I'm not going to be particularly gentle in answering you, because I think honesty is more what you need!

Being a better writer than your friends does not necessarily make you a good writer. It might just make them poor writers. The sad fact is that a few decent grades in English in school doesn't qualify someone to be a professional writer.

I can tell that your skills have a LONG way to go before you could sell your work. (I had to edit your short post heavily.) It's not just that your spelling and punctuation and sentence structure leave a lot to be desired, it's also that you think writing is easy and that you're not a very good judge of your own. If you were, and you were judging it against the writing you read in your every day life, you'd know that you have a long way to go!

The fact is that there are many terrific writers who still can't make a go of it, who have never sold a piece of their own writing for money. The writing field is already oversubscribed.

I could give you advice on becoming a better writer - in fact, there are a fair number of resources on this site - but if money is what you're after you clearly have other priorities to meet ahead of learning to write.

You see, there is no easy writing to sell, though the internet is filled with people looking to make a buck off you by making you think they ARE willing to purchase your writing; please watch out for them!

I wish you the best, and I'm glad you posted, because I think it's important to make clear that writing is never an easy way to make money and certainly not a fast one! I hope you're able to figure out a way to get yourself on a solid financial footing, and then I hope you return to this site to work on your skills!

making money writing
by: Lp

here's a good writing website to start researching at Erin:


I might suggest trying to write to your disabled community first. They'll appreciate where you are coming from. Perhaps start a blog to start getting your name out there.

Writing is not an easy way to make a living, but it can be done.

Good luck!

p.s. picture books have possibly the longest, toughest odds at actually making money - so don't start here. it's not as easy as it might seem.

by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Erin, Lp's kind post made me have another look at yours...and mine. I stand by everything I said, but I apologize for how I said it. I was needlessly harsh. My intentions were honorable - I wanted to dissuade you that you could make a quick buck in writing - but I don't think I paid enough attention to your feelings. I hope you can accept my apology.

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