What happens to your website if you discontinue with SBI?

by (Anonymous)

Recent traffic for this site

Recent traffic for this site

Answer: If you don't move your site to another host, it goes away! If you move it to another host, it doesn't go away!

Any other questions???

Webmaster's note: What a stupid answer!

About 12 hours after writing the above, it dawned on me what a silly, incomplete (but true) answer it was.

I could have canceled my Site Build It subscription after starting this site but before my second year's payment came due. It might even have seemed like a sensible thing to do...

After all, the subscription was (and still is) $299/year. (Or now, $29.99/month.)

Well, in that first year, I didn't make $299! (I think I made about $200.) So I could have dumped all SBI's features, moved the site to a free webhost, and made a few bucks each year. In five years I might have made $1000.

Whoopee! (He said sarcastically.)

But instead, I used SBI's features to keep building the site, and SBI's community to help me keep generating ideas for growth. For instance, I used SBI's 2.0 feature to allow visitors to create content on the site.

(More content means more pages for the search engines to find, and for me to make money off of.)

Well, now the site has over 1,100 pages, compared to the just over 100 I had after the first year. The site receives about 2700 visits a day, compared to the 300 it was receiving at the end of that first year.

That $299 annual subscription fee gets paid in under a week. That's right: my SBI site pays its costs and will be profitable well before January 7th rolls around this coming year. Try finding another business that can say that!

(Generally, retail businesses don't start running profits until "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving!)

So yes, you can always end your SBI subscription and keep your site alive by moving it to a "free" host.

But why am I putting "free" in quotes now?

Well, because I couldn't possibly qualify for a free host now! Those free hosts assume that you have a small site with very few visitors. As soon as you start posting lots of pages, larger files (image, video) and lots of visitors start showing up, they bill you like the bandwidth hog that you are!

Translation: with a "free" host, I'd be paying WAY more than what I pay SBI now. Their price remains the same no matter how big your site, your files, your traffic.

So what happens to your site if you discontinue with SBI?

Well, what should happen is you get your head examined!

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