Dragon and Butterfly:
What Dragon Learned About Rainbows
by Garth Lawless

Butterfly was frowning.

It is very hard to see such a small creature wrinkle her brows; we would see the tiniest curling of her feelers, like when you curl your toes to see how far they can go under your feet.

But Dragon could see. Really see!

With his gigantic, magical eyes he can see other's feelings. And his even larger heart could sense that something was wrong.

"What is the matter?" asked Dragon in a soft rumbling voice.

Butterfly fluttered over and perched on one of Dragon's long black eyelashes. She looked up at Dragon.

What you might think she would see is a massive green and black eyeball, so big was Dragon compared to her. However, Butterfly, being Nature, could see all of Dragon; just as if we stood 100 metres away (remember Dragon is very, very big).

Butterfly, her voice trembling a little, said "Why did you tell that boy and girl what I told you?"

Dragon's big eyebrows furrowed as he was puzzled, like how your Mum or Dad scrunch up their face when they try to put together a Christmas toy using very bad instructions.

Dragon answered in as gentle a voice as he could manage, "Because I thought that they might like to know something about what Nature is. We had just seen a beautiful Rainbow and I thought I'd tell them something. Didn't you want me to say anything?"

"I said it to you, just for you", replied Butterfly, almost in tears. "It was just something that I thought just you might like to know".

"Oh, but I did, I did want to know", answered Dragon. "I didn't know before and now I know now, I just thought that some others might like to know as well".

"Was it important that I not tell anyone what you told me?" continued Dragon, fearing that even though he was Magic, he had made a terrible mistake that could hurt his favourite friend's feelings.

Even though he was Magic he didn't know everything, just like a brilliant scientist might not know who all the Wiggles are (and that can be very important to some people, especially the Wiggles' mothers).

"I thought you knew it would be just between us" cried Butterfly, flapping her wings. "Nobody else was to know, I thought you'd keep it a secret!"

"I can't read your mind, Little Butterfly", said Dragon kindly (he could usually read everyone's mind, so you have to be careful what you think around Dragon).

"If you had whispered to me, 'Dragon, this is just for your ears only', I would have kept it a secret for ever and ever".

"Oh, goodness, Dragon, all this time I've been telling you about Nature, have you been passing it on to others?" asked Butterfly.

Dragon smiled (and what a lovely smile he had, so wide and happy), "No, my dearest Butterfly. What you said was so lovely and wonderful I thought my two special friends (was one of them you, I wonder) would love to hear something so beautiful. I never mentioned you although I know they would love to meet you".

Dragon chuckled. "They think I know everything about Nature as well as Magic. The questions they ask, so many questions, it is wonderful that they want to know more."

Butterfly sort of smiled, her feelers uncoiled just a little. "Wonderful and lovely you think? All I said was:

'Nature is the way Everything is, and the way Everything should be'.

"And your friends liked that?"

"Liked!" exclaimed Dragon laughingly. "Oh ho, they sure did. They loved it, they felt it explained lots of why the world is the way it is."

"The funny thing is that because they would only ever see me when a rainbow was in the sky they thought rainbows must be magical. Now they know that rainbows are Natural!"

"They don't know that rainbows only appear if you are around, Butterfly. That is so funny!" Dragon grinned, his massive mouth curling up at the corners and his great eyes wrinkling at the sides just like an old man's trousers (if they were made of greeny-blue scales and didn't smell funny, of course).

"Oh Dragon, you are silly" laughed Butterfly "Rainbows aren't just because of me. They are made by Nature with water and light, but it is your Magic that makes them beautiful and lets everyone smile and feel happier".

Butterfly looked deeply into Dragon's eyes (which is very deep indeed, maybe even deeper than the oceans), "Rainbows need you and I together. Nature provides the ingredients and Magic mixes them into life (that's sort of like how a supermarket provides the ingredients for biscuits, but it is Mum who magically makes them into yummy warm snacks straight from the oven)".

"Oh no!" Dragon said, laughing now, "I'm going to have to tell my friends that I got it wrong. That is so funny; I said that Rainbows come from lovely butterfly wings that have been cleaned by the rain. Silly me!"

Dragon looked at Butterfly carefully.

"That's OK, as long as you're not mad at me, lovely friend", he said.

"No, Dragon," Butterfly said, her feelers flicking in and out with laughter. "You are the bestest, most funnest friend I could ever wish for. And your friends sound nice, I'd like to meet them someday".

"That would be great", said Dragon, flapping his wings in time with Butterfly's feelers. "But not right now. Right now is for breakfast, I'm hungry. Would you like to come with me, best friend Butterfly?"

"Oh, yes please", cried Butterfly joyfully.

And off they flew to breakfast.

The End

Dragon and Butterfly are the copyright of Garth Lawless

Garth lives in Katikati, New Zealand.

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