Young and enthusiastic but experienced illustrator

by Monika Suska

Comic hair salon

Comic hair salon

Comic hair salon
Dragon Multitasking
Octopus Pirate
from picture book published by Maverick Book

I came from Poland, but now I'm beginning a new life in my beloved city of Barcelona.

I am a young and enthusiastic illustrator, but experienced.

My name is Monika Suska, and I'm very proud to call myself an illustrator.

It is not only my job but my biggest passion. As a reading addict, my favorite illustration work is picture books.

Working on different types of projects is always a great adventure for me.

My illustrations are usually made with acrylic colour on paper, sometimes with some final touches added in Photoshop.

I don't consider the computer evil; I just prefer traditional techniques over digital painting.

I haven't been an illustrator for long, but I've already done picture books for publishers such as DragonPencil and Maverick Children's Books. Also, I create illustrations and conceptions for 3D characters for the Polish music project, Nie Wiem Kto.

I'm always open tonew illustration adventures!

Contact Monika at Hire an Illustrator.

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Magic and Fantasy Artwork

by Giulia
(Padova, Italy)

A lady in the woods, made for a web site background, digital technique

A lady in the woods, made for a web site background, digital technique

A lady in the woods, made for a web site background, digital technique
A warrior, a project for a cards game, digital technique
A watercolours work, made for a book cover contest
Pregnancy, a digital exercise

I'm fond of the fantasy world, fairy tales and magic, and my art reflects all of this.

My name is Giulia, I'm 26 and I live in Padua, Italy and I'd like to say, first of all: sorry for my English!

Since I was a little child I've always imagined I was going to be a singer, but as the years went by my passion for drawing grew stronger, and being a book illustrator became my new life dream.

I graduated at the University of Padua, studying literature and theatre and meanwhile, as a student, selling my drawings to friends and people who came to know me by them. In fact a tradition of Padua is that every time a student graduates, his friends and relatives make a drawing of him, an ironic portrait full of all his passions, strengths and weaknesses, and this kind of drawing is one of the best chances I've had to become familiar with pencil, body shapes, shadows and lights; I did a lot of practice, even though I didn't attend any kind of painting school.

In these last years I've discovered the fascinating world of digital painting, Photoshop firstly; I also love working with paper, watercolours and pencils.

I've never auditioned for a book illustrator job; I've mainly auditioned for toy characters design jobs and background website designs jobs, but I believe that there is not much difference in approach: I'm always willing to do both sketches and complete illustrations as long as the requests don't get out of hand!

Contact Giulia.

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Illustrator from Madrid

by Luca Mendieta
(Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain)

Math classroom

Math classroom

Math classroom
T. Rex on the prowl
Dinosaur on a grassy hill

My name is Luca Mendieta, from Madrid, Spain. I'm a very versatile illustrator with a lot of styles. I can make illustrations for kids, for textbooks, for any age range.

Email Luca.

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The art of illustration

by George Nazlis
(Athens, Greece)

avatar in sandals

avatar in sandals

Arty's art of illustration

Hi there!

My name is George Nazlis, and for more than 12 years I have been working as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator.

Recently I have been engaged in children’s book illustration and layout design, and I have been fascinated not only by the artistic approach but by the liberty an artist experiences in this process.

My goal is to do more work in this field; that is why I'm seeking out prospects for collaboration here.

I enjoy making art and never tire of it. I get a lot of inspiration from my own children; they keep the child in me alive.

Because of my graphics experience, I am able to design the illustrations alongside a book's layout - combining graphic elements (text, page number, frames etc.) with the illustrations themselves in a continuous composition, then delivering a final product for the printshop.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Aug 19, 2009
by: Evelyn

This is very cute. I like the happy feel of it.

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Imaginary Landscapes

by Luis Peres
(Portimão, Algarve, Portugal)

Coral Dreams

Coral Dreams

Imaginary landscapes, fantasy backgrounds and cute stuff

If you look at most children's books, you'll probably notice that not many artists include background scenery in their creations. Illustrators usually focus their attention on the characters, many disregarding entirely the worlds where these same characters live.

There are hundreds of books with amazing illustrations depicting their story's hero, but since I was a kid, I always felt cheated when the imaginary world surrounding my hero was absent. What I always wanted to see was great pictures of the fantasy land described in the story; not many books had them.

That´s when I decided to start creating my own imaginary geographies, and more than twenty-five years later I´m still doing them. In fact although I love to illustrate characters, I have to say that backgrounds are my most favorite part of a picture.

So...if you have a really nice book that needs some cute colorful characters, and you also need someone to put to paper their unique and wonderful environment, please consider hiring me to do just that!

I started illustrating professionaly back in 1992, and since then i´ve never stopped. Mostly i did work internaly inside my own country (i live and work from the south of Portugal), but i´ve been slowly expanding my craft outside my boundaries and that is the reason i´m here.

I work mainly in traditional media, like watercolors, acrylics and color pencils, but i don´t mind creating pics in digital when a client requests it, so let me know if you have a project that can fit my style and i´m sure we can work around your budget no matter what it is.

My rates vary depending on the amount of work, type of illustration, level of detail and all sorts of variables, so give me details about what you need and let´s talk. ;)

Contact Luis Peres.

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Oct 08, 2014
Seeking illustrator for my children's book.
by: Keith Garrick

Hello there,

My name is Keith Garrick and I am a self published children's ebook writer and illustrator. I'm working on a project that is just too darn cute for my drawing abilities.

The book is about 20 pages long. It features a little girl and her monster friend. The friend looks like a Koala bear but with candy cane shapped horns on its head.

I can do a rough copy of the book for you to follow. I just need the art work to be more cute. What are your ideas on price for this project ? Full color and all...


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