Waterslide Illustrations

by Miriam Rue
(Cincinnati, OH )

Clean up time!

Clean up time!

Clean up time!
Christmas concept art
Outdoor chess
teenage girl character study

Hi there! My name is Miriam Rue and I am a digital illustrator. I love drawing unique characters with motions and expressions to match!

My style is cartoony, yet realistic enough not to confuse young readers, while at the same time attracting older readers as well!

I am also totally capable of tweaking my drawing style to match what you have envisioned. I absolutely love it when my illustrations come out exactly as the author envisioned, and I can't wait to do exactly that with you!

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Nov 13, 2015
God-given Talent
by: Sharon K. Connell

This young lady truly has a God-given talent. She has done a book cover for me which will not be released as yet, hopefully soon. It is not cartoonish as is a lot of her work but looks almost as if you are viewing the bird through a camera. Amazing talent. I can't say enough. Please check out her work.

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