A Warm Yellow Pancake
by Alina Shaposhnik

sun and star smiling

Little Starlet was an active little star. He had eight zillion six billion four million two thousand seven hundred siblings, and they were all children of Father Moon. Little Starlet was the youngest of them all, and so he was very energetic and curious. He always annoyed his brothers and sisters with endless questions. All he heard in return was “Go practice your twinkling and glittering, stop distracting us.”

One night a Flying Comet told Little Starlet a story. It was about something called the Sun.

The Comet described this mysterious object as a warm yellow pancake. He said the Sun replaces Father Moon when he and his children go to sleep.

“Comet surely is wise, flying everywhere and seeing everything,” thought Little Starlet. So he had no choice but to believe him. Oh, but how he wanted to see The Sun’s warm yellow pancake face!

The Little Starlet approached Father Moon with this wish. “My dear, that is not possible”, said Father Moon. Little Starlet even stopped glittering. “We guard the sky at night, lighting it with our twinkles and glitters. As the night comes to an end, our twinkles dim and we go to sleep”, continued Father Moon.

“Don’t be sad, Little Starlet, I will describe the Sun for you. It is bright and warm, and also yellow like a pancake. He is the sky’s day guard, lighting it with its dazzling sizzling rays.” Little Starlet’s curiosity was not satisfied. Surely, Father Moon was old and wise and knew everything, but if only Little Starlet could see the Sun himself!

Suddenly, he remembered what Sirius, his brightest sibling once said: “All children make wishes upon us, the stars. That’s why we must twinkle as bright as we can all night long.”

“Sirius surely is wise, being the brightest of all the stars,” thought Little Starlet. “But I wonder, if children can make wishes upon stars, can the stars make wishes upon children?”

With that thought, Little Starlet began to practice his twinkling and glittering as bright as he could. He was hoping that somewhere, down below, a little child was looking right at him.

The night was coming to an end, and Little Starlet could feel his twinkles and glitters dim. “Well, it didn’t work today, maybe next time” was his last thought before going to sleep.

All night long he dreamed of warm yellow pancakes and dazzling sizzling rays in the sky. Also, he saw a little boy running through fields of golden wheat crops. The soft bristles gently tickled the boy’s feet as he ran. The little boy began to slow down, and finally fell onto the golden carpet of wheat. Worn out he breathed heavily, looking up at the sky.

“No, it can’t possibly be! Can it?” Little Starlet was beyond surprised. “Am I somehow in this boy’s body? Is this a dream?” Deciding not to waste any more time wondering, Little Starlet was determined to finally meet the Sun. He lay in the golden field all day, enjoying every careless second. Squinting his eyes and smiling ear to ear, Little Starlet showered in the dazzling sizzling rays.

Father Moon gently woke Little Starlet up. “Time to light the sky with our twinkles and glitters, dear.”

“Yeah, go practice your twinkling, and better not ask any of your annoying questions today!” ordered one of the star siblings.

Still unsure if it was all a dream, Little Starlet quietly whispered: “Father, the Sun really IS a warm yellow pancake.”

“Did you say something, dear?”

“Nah, never mind” smiled the Little Starlet. That night and from then on, Little Starlet gave off the most peaceful twinkle.

Look up at the sky one night. Can you see the Little Starlet?

The End

Copyright Alina Shaposhnik, 2009

Alina lives in California, USA.

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