Victoria's Playhouse
by Tammie Smith

mouse playhouse

Victoria was a happy little girl who loved to play on her swing and with her dolls.

She was the pride and joy of her mother and father. But like other children she kept her toys scattered all over the house, so one day her dad told her he had a big surprise. He picked her up and had her close her eyes.

Victoria wanted to peek but she waited to see what surprise her dad had for her.

Then Dad gave her a big hug and said, "Little Tory, you can open your eyes now."

Victoria opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful play house she had ever seen. It was white with two columns on the front porch, and green shutters on each side of the two tiny windows.

The inside of the play house was just as beautiful. There were green curtains pulled back with ribbons, and a tiny little table with four tiny little chairs. There was a cedar toy chest and inside the toy chest were all her favorite toys and her dolls Molly, Polly, June, and Carmen.

Victoria pulled her toys out and placed them on the shelves that her dad had made for them on the wall. This was their new home and she was oh so very happy. She played for hours at a time in her new play house, she had her lunches and snacks and took care of her dolls.

One day while Victoria was outside planting flowers her mother had bought for the play house, she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

At first it had moved too fast for her to see what it was, then as she was looking around the corner she saw whiskers almost like what her cat has but smaller. Then a little grey nose appeared, then out popped a little person but the little person looked a lot like a mouse.

Stunned Victoria could not speak, just then the little mouse said, "We've been watching you and wanted to know if we could see the inside of your new home?"

"Sure," cried Victoria just as another little mouse came around the corner.

"My name is Harley and this is my sister Michaela. We live just past the back yard of your home on the edge of the Forest. Our homes are nice but not as grand as your new home."

"Come on inside," said Victoria to her new friends, "and please make yourself at home."

Harley and Michaela could hardly contain their excitement to see the grand inside of their new friend's house.

Victoria introduced her new friends to her dolls Molly, Polly, June and Carmen, "These are our neighbors," and pointed to Harley and Michaela. "I would offer you a chair but I'm afraid you are too small to get into them safely." So they sat in the floor of the play house as Victoria shared her snack with her new friends. When they had finished she asked her friends to please visit again, Harley and Michaela promised they would and started off through the back yard on their way home.

The next day Victoria had asked her dad to move her doll house out to the play house.

This would be perfect for her new friends to feel right at home on their next visit.

Several days went by and Victoria could not wait any longer, she was not suppose to go toward the edge of the forest in the back but she had to find her new little friends. As she approached the forest she called, "Harley, Michaela where are you?" She called as she walked the posts dividing the yard from the Forest, just then she heard a tiny little voice: "Victoria over here," and there in a bright red dress and matching hat she saw Michaela.

They waved at each other as Victoria happily ran over to Michaela; "I've been waiting on your next visit I have a great surprise for you and Harley." "What?" cried Michaela. "That's the surprise, you will have to wait and see."

Michaela told Victoria that she and Harley would visit her later that day. "O.K.," said Victoria, "I have to get back now I'm not supposed to be near the forest." "Do as you're told then," said Michaela, "and we will visit you, the forest is no place for a little girl. We grew up here and it's our home." "See you later," said Victoria, "I love surprises," said Michaela, "so off you go," she told Victoria, "before your Mom gets worried."

Later that afternoon as Victoria was playing dress up with her dolls, when she heard a faint tap, tap, tap on her front door when she opened the door their stood Michaela and Harley, with a small basket of berries they had picked as a house warming present.

"Please come in," Victoria said with a delighted tone in her voice, "thank you for coming by." "We brought you some fresh berries from the forest," said Harley as she showed the basket of berries to Victoria.

Inside the playhouse Victoria showed Michaela and Harley her Doll house she had her Father move into the playhouse, it was two stories with tiny miniature furnishing that were perfect for the two sisters. "I would like for you two to move into the doll house and make it your new home," exclaimed Victoria. "That is very kind of you," said Michaela, she and Harley agreed this would make a fine new home and what a better neighbor to have than their new friend Victoria.

The summer days went by so fast, the three new friends loved being in each other's company. One day Victoria came to the playhouse and told Michaela and Harley that she was starting her first year in school next week and would not be able to spend as much time with. They understood but tried not to show how sad the news had made them. This was a good thing for Victoria to meet new friends her own age, little girls needed to be with others she had things in common with.

Victoria showed up less and less at the playhouse sometimes weeks would pass by with no sign of her. One afternoon in early spring Victoria came to the play house but she was not alone. As Victoria entered she called for the two sisters, when they came out the front door of the doll house they saw what had been keeping Victoria away. Beside Victoria was a little blonde haired girl with blue eyes holding a brown paper bag. "This is my friend Julie," exclaimed Victoria with a wide grin on her face. "She is my friend from school."

"Hello Julie," said Harley, "this is my sister Michaela," pointing just past the Doll house doorway. "I am very pleased to meet both of you," said Julie, "I brought you some treats. I have grapes and nuts for the both of you." She pulled out the grapes and nuts and placed them on the front porch of the doll house. "We have to go now," said Victoria, "we are going to Julie's house." They exchanged goodbyes and the girls were on their way. The two sisters were very sad, it seems that Victoria was growing up and no longer needed their companionship.

Soon it was summer again with the green grass and the trees all full with shade and birds singing their summer songs. Victoria came into the play house one warm summer morning and told the sisters that her family was moving closer into town. She told the sisters how much she would miss them and that they were welcome to stay in their new home in the doll house in her play house as long as they wanted. She kissed the sisters and promised to visit, which raised their spirits somewhat.

A few weeks passed and sure enough Victoria did visit but this time she had a new friend, much different than Julie. This person was small but not as small as Victoria, and she had grey hair pulled into a ball on the back of her hair and when she spoke her voice was soft and low like a small animal in the forest.

"This is Mrs. Murphy," said Victoria, "she lives in the big house, she bought it from my mother and father and this is her play house now." "Hello little ones," said Mrs. Murphy, "hello," said Harley and Michaela. "Why do you look so different from the other people we have met?" said Michaela. "I suppose it's because I'm old," said Mrs. Murphy. "I have lived for sixty two years, and moved around a lot with my husband who was in the military."

"We have no children so like you two I am all alone. I would be happy if you would consider me your friend." "We love making new friends," said Harley and Michaela agreed, "we would love to be your friend."

Summer turned into fall and Mrs. Murphy came to the play house at least three times a week, where she shared her stories and adventures with the two sisters. One day she asked them if they didn't mind moving their home (the doll house) into the big house. "I am getting old and it is hard for me to walk this distance to the play house to visit." The nights are much warmer in the winter and they could use anything they needed from inside the house to make them feel more at home. The sisters agreed and Mr. Murphy had a nice young man bring the doll house into her kitchen.

At first the house seemed a little scary but after a few days it did feel like home. They spent hours and hours with their new friend. And Victoria would drop by every few weeks and visit with Mrs. Murphy, Harley and Michaela.

She knew all her new friends were happy together, and that the play house her father had built her out of love had brought so much love to her three special friends.

The End

Copyright Tammie Smith, 2007

Tammie lives in Georgia, USA.

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