Unique Style, Vivid Colors

by Josh Wohlbach
(Las Vegas)

A bird who flies to the moon

A bird who flies to the moon

A bird who flies to the moon
A page from my book, 'The Bees Are Gone'
A concept sketch for the sequel to 'Bees'
From a ninja action story

Make your book stand out! Incredibly unique art style and vivid colors!

With my art, the purpose is to stand out. You see the book on the shelf, and it catches your eye with the bright colors, extravagant scale, crisp lines, and pleasing composition. Everything looks like you can touch it, smell it, or taste it.

I've published my own book, called, "The Bees Are Gone," and have also illustrated other stories.

I've also been a director of animation for multiple TV shows and have pitched animated series to major TV networks.

I am a graduate from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, with a degree in film.

I lay my books out and look at them as if they were going to be on the big screen. That doesn't mean I don't understand the beauty of a simple story with simple pictures, though!

I offer to send preview sketches for your stories if you are interested. Since I've worked on television and directed animation, I not only have great experience, but I also work quickly and put out quality work. Nobody has been disappointed with me.

I am also friendly and understanding. I know not everybody can afford a lot to make a book. We can discuss payments or deals privately. There is always a way to work things out. Trust me, I'm an artist, I know how hard things can be!

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Mar 28, 2016
Like the style
by: Amodeous13

I tried to use the contact link but it wouldn't work so... Anyway, I have an idea for a children's book and looking for an illustrator and I like your style. If by chance you should see this contact me on skype: Amodeous13

Aug 21, 2015
Artist Extraordinaire
by: Julie Murphy

Josh Wohlbach was instrumental in helping our business soar - He designed our business mascots, signage, & even seasonally painted our storefront windows, which totally drew crowds & applause.

His creativity & imagination know no bounds...

What is exceptional beyond talent, is Josh's long term commitment to his clients: Not content to simply create the cutest mascots ever, he went on to develop their stories, personalities, on going adventures, plus promotional & marketing materials.

Always working within our budget, Josh magically offers results worth more than money can buy. I cannot imagine where my business would be without him.

Aug 19, 2015
Great Illustrator!
by: Lauren Duncan

I have had the good fortune to work with Josh Wohlbach on developing stories with artwork. He is a consummate professional with a wonderful, colorful aesthetic as well as being a terrific visual storyteller and character designer.

I look forward to our final products. Meanwhile, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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