Freelance Artist and Illustrator

by Rosemarie Khan
(Kingsbridge, South Devon, England)

A watercolour and pen drawing of a fairy and Pegasus

A watercolour and pen drawing of a fairy and Pegasus

A watercolour and pen drawing of a fairy and Pegasus
A crazy town pen drawing
Watercolour and pen drawing of a Cockerel
Watercolour and pen drawing of an eagle

I do a versatile range of artwork and illustrations, ranging from watercolour paintings to pencil and pen drawings, of almost anything.

I can also produce realistic or fantasy type artwork depending on the type of work that the author or client is looking for.

Contact Rosemarie.

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New Age, Cosmic, Intergalactic Imaginarium

by Daniel Leech
(UK, Suffolk)

The Bubble Beamship

The Bubble Beamship

The Bubble Beamship
The Bubble Beamship
The Bubble Beamship
The Bubble Beamship

New Age, Cosmic, Intergalactic Imaginarium

Welcome. I am Daniel; I create a wide range of beautifully coloured illustrations for almost any twists and turns your story may have.

What I particularly enjoy is creating imagery that truly inspires the reader, adding depth and meaning to your words and making the experience that little bit more visceral, real and more magical.

If you can convert your dreams into words, I can convert your words into the most beautiful super high resolution images. Please e-mail me with a brief, and I will get to work on it.

Pay me whatever you think I am worth! I love being creative.

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Simply Drawn To It

by Elodie martin
(Dorset, England)

A portrait of the illustrator at work

A portrait of the illustrator at work

My work tends to be simple line drawings depicting the lighter and sometimes quirky side to life.

I have produced several cartoon works for various small publications and have some experience with storyboarding. My colour illustrations are worked in vibrant watercolours.

I am always willing to produce sample sketches, and all fees are negotiable. I tend to work quickly, and although I love the "whooshing" of deadlines passing by I have never misssed one yet!

Contact Elodie!

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About Design

by Tiziana
(Kew, Surrey, UK)

Picking out stars

Picking out stars


I am a children's book illustrator. I come from Milan.

My work is mainly freelance and may include design for editorial, books and advertising.

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Colourful UK Children's Illustrator for Hire

by Angela Cater
(Manchester, Lancashire, UK)

From Brogan's Good Turns

From Brogan's Good Turns

From Brogan's Good Turns
From The Adventures of Sailor Sam
From A Perfect Nest for Mrs. Mallard
Cover of  Rickie the Raccoon Takes a Tour of the City

Colourful UK Children's Illustrator (and Author)

To date, I have illustrated 5 children’s picture books (3 of my own and 2 for aCanadian writer, Giovanna Lagana). I specialise in painting animals, particularly cats, and work in a semi-realistic style.

I love colour, and my illustrations are full of it! I also have an eye for detail; my animals look as if you could stroke them. My favourite medium is gouache, but I am equally comfortable working in coloured pencil, pen and ink or graphite.

I am keen to take on more freelance work with a view to hopefully one day being able to become a full time illustrator. As a self-published writer/illustrator, I understand most publishing lingo and am able to produce print-ready files to the correct proportions.

As I currently have to work my illustration around my day job, it may take me longer than some other artists to complete a project, but you can be assured that it will receive my full attention each evening and weekend and will be produced to the best of my ability.

In addition, I will keep in touch with you and let you know my progress every step of the way.

Contact Angela at Tabby Cat Press.

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Dreamy, Dark, Nightmarish Illustration

by Karen (Mrs. Floweryapron!)
(Warwickshire, United Kingdom)

Snow White?

Snow White?

Dreamy, or Nightmarish, Children's Book Illustration

Hello to you!

I am a self taught illustrator and slightly demented mother. I use different materials to make my pictures: pencils, computers, paints, insects. My style is slightly dark I suppose, I don't know. Can you tell me? Is it a bit dreamy...or nightmarish?

I would be willing to Illustrate a book.

I am flexible as far as fees go and more than willing to send preliminary samples and sketches.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blurb. Please get in touch with any queries. I am a friendly soul.


Mrs Floweryapron

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Moscva Illustrations

by Ewa Mos
(United Kingdom)

Little Rabbit in the City

Little Rabbit in the City


My name is Ewa Mos, Moscva to friends. I completed 6 years of Fine Art School in Poland.

Now I'm 20 years old, and I've begun study in
Graphics & Illustration in the UK.

I love doing illustrations.

In illustration, as in photography, I like to catch strange things.

All my illustrations are hand-drawn and colorized digitally.

I am most happy when I can join photo & illustration together!

I have worked for a lot of dj's, events agencies, and clubs making posters and logos.

I contribute with Don't Panic and MISBEHAVE, DesignWars, SUPERSWEET, HIRO, DIM MAK.

It would be my pleasure if you would have a look at my portfolio.

Ewa Mos

Contact me at

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Enthusiastic Newbie!

by Donata Ewa Zawadzka
(UK by way of Poland)

doublespread illustration for

doublespread illustration for

doublespread illustration for
doublespread illustration for
doublespread illustration for
Dragon Hill

I am a newbie with a lot of potential, eager to start a new project!

I am a new childeren's book illustrator. My name is Donata Ewa Zawadzka.

I'm Polish-born artist living in Kent, UK.

After completing my studies - a diploma in Interior Design in Poland - I moved to the United Kingdom, where I'm about to obtain a Diploma in Illustrating Children's Books at the London Art College.

I prefer working in the traditional way, drawing or painting by hand, then digitalizing my artwork.

I have a good knowledge of Photoshop, which allows me to produce illustrations with text.

I hope you will see a lot of potential in my work and my knowledge.

What I like the most and feel most proficient at is pencil drawing with light washes, a style that gives works that clear and cheerful look.

Other techniques I enjoying work in are acrylic and inks on paper, but I also like painting on silk and graphic techniques such as:

- drypoint
- monotype

Art gives me happiness in its purest form, and I feel convinced that it's the very cure to all evil. I'm truly enjoying seeking new forms of expression and further developing already possessed skills.

Contact Donata.

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Dark Bunny Illustration

by Alex Chenery - Freelance Children's Illustrator

Robot Academy

Robot Academy

My name is Alex Chenery, and I run a fresh new freelance illustration service, specializing in children's illustrations and character designs.

I combine traditional pen and ink with a vivid imagination and digital technology.

Since setting up in October, 2008, I am already involved with a number of projects which could potentially be rather exciting.

Since the birth of my twin boys in April, 2008, my sudden lack of any social life has allowed me to spend time setting up my business as a weekend job. Since January I have been doing this pretty much full time, and with the amount of children's television I now have to watch, it has really honed my skills as an illustrator in the fantastic world of children!

So why not check out my website? I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Dark Bunny Illustration.

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British freelancer

by Bryan Cummings

The Mad Old Witches

The Mad Old Witches

The Mad Old Witches
The Highgate Vampire
The Pirate Tea Party
The Spook House

Bryan Cummings has been working as a freelance illustrator for many years, mainly for publishing houses in New York, London, and Amsterdam.

His illustration style is a strange combination of fine detail and cartoon style with watercolor wash. His use of drawing pens and knowledge of the subject matter brings the world of the written word to life.

Filling his mind with pirates, wizards & witches, and things that go bump in the night is the norm for him.

But the most important rule for Bryan is to respect the written word. He believes that without the author, he has nothing to say! "It's like a magic potion. The author has one part of the potion and the illustrator the other, and without the author's contribution the magic won't happen."

His method of working is to receive a call, e-mail or letter written in Transylvanian dragon blood (green, if possible) about your book or project that you have in mind.

Then after you agree in principle (i.e. price & quantity of illustrations) that you would like him to illustrate your book, he will then send you via e-mail sketches of the illustrations - two or three if needed - so you can have a full sense of what he'll be delivering.

It is only when you ask him to complete the drawings in full line & color that he will ask for payment of 25% of the full fee.

Then, on completion of the illustrations, he will request the remaining 75%.

The reason for the 25% fee at the beginning of the contract is because Bryan has a very loving wife and a wonderful two year old son, but if he doesn't put food on the table every evening, they won't be so loving and wonderful for very long!

Please feel free to contact Bryan any time to discuss your project. He currently lives with his wife and son in southwest England (hopefully for a very long time!).

Contact: Bryan Cummings

Bryan Cummings
41 Juniper Avenue

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Jul 19, 2010
A Great Illustrator
by: Steve West

We have used Bryan on a number of occasions and found his ability to use line and color amazing!

Always beating his own deadline by days, and giving us more than we expected.

A wonderful Illustrator to work with.

Steve West
The Canvas Studio

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Animator and Book Illustrator

by Anastacia Tohill

Visual for

Visual for

I graduated in July 2008 with a first class honours degree in Graphic Design, specialising in Animation from Norwich University College of the Arts.

My animation film "Undine" has been screened at three festivals. I have a part-time job at Lowestoft College as a sessional software lecturer and recently gained a PTLLS City and Guilds Teaching qualification. I also do some freelance/self-employed work, including illustration.

I specialise mainly in mixed media type animation and illustration styles. I use both traditional and digital methods. For illustration work, I mainly use Photoshop, Corel Painter, watercolours and pastels.

I am interested in pursuing a career and gaining experience in teaching, animation, illustration, TV and film.

I would love to illustrate a cover or book, and my fees are negotiable.

Email Anastacia.

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May 14, 2009
Beautiful colours
by: Anonymous

Beautiful colours!

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Peek Inside The Cover

by Linda
(England, United Kingdom)

Homemade hammock

Homemade hammock

Homemade hammock
He went outside to join them
Well Spotted
Blow this for a picnic

When I do my illustrations, my main aim is to amuse children and also keep them curious about what is going to happen next.

I want to encourage children to have fun looking at pictures as well as reading, whether on their own or with an adult.

I try to make pictures as vibrant and lively as I can. I work mostly in watercolours and gouache, pen and ink, and also coloured pencil occasionally. I'll use whatever medium will create the best result.

I have been drawing and painting for years. I have a diploma in children's illustration and have done art and design. Also, I took a course in publishing children's books.

I paint greetings cards, which I sell independently, and I also do handmade designs on cushion covers.

I seem to have a constant flow of ideas for stories which I illustrate myself.

I am happy to attempt any project within this field or any one piece of artwork. I am fairly versatile and always willing to try new projects and do some sample sketches for anyone who would like them.

My style is usually to produce quite cute little characters doing quite funny things. As long as the drawings look good and I can make someone laugh, then I feel it is all very worthwhile.

Email Linda.

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Chocolate Muffin Children's Illustrations

by Kate Day
(Southampton, England)

Finley and Milo - Tree House Detectives

Finley and Milo - Tree House Detectives

Kate Day, Freelance Children's Illustrator

I did not go to university and come out with a degree in Fine Art or Illustration. Instead I have had careers as a police officer and a school nurse, but most importantly I am mum to Samuel, 16 and Jessica, 5.

I am a self taught illustrator, and I have been painting since I was four years of age (34 years).

My children's illustration experience comes from 16 years of reading hundreds of children's books to my son and daughter.

I have my own, unique style although my drawings have been likened to those of EH Shepard - "Winnie The Pooh" - and Jill Barklem - "Brambly Hedge."

I work mostly in watercolour but can use any medium required.

All of my work is hand painted using the finest materials and completed to a very high standard.

Contact Kate Day - Freelance Children's Illustrator.

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Greeting Card Artist

by Wendy
(Norfolk U.K.)

Woof, the Wonderful Westie

Woof, the Wonderful Westie

Greeting card artist open to children's books

My Name is Wendy Taylor. I am a published artist.

Over the past fifteen years I have designed greeting cards, calendars and have recently illustrated a children's book.

I work freelance, from my home, and have built up a small but steady business.

When I first started painting my work was very detailed, with a classic fine art look to it. I feel I have grown out of that stage now, and my work has become much freer.

I like to use mixed media to get the effects I want, and I just love to think up new characters. I feel that I now have the experience and ability to make them come alive on the paper, mostly just with a subtle move or change of expression.

My latest character is a little West Highland White Terrier called Woof...A Small Dog with Big Attitude.

I love to paint him getting into all sorts of trouble, and I have had some really favourable reactions to him, but he is not really right for the greeting card market. However, I do feel that he would be so appealing in a children's book, and that is my dream.

It would be wonderful to know that children were getting as much pleasure from seeing little Woof as I do from painting him.

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Nov 03, 2015
Correct email
by: Rguidroz

Hi again Wendy

Sorry gave you the wrong address.


Would love to hear from you!

Oct 31, 2015
I have a toddler book that may interest you
by: Rguidroz

Hi wendy, love your dog! I'm from the uk but based in the states now. Please email back if you'd like to hear about my project. Do you have more samples to share?

Mar 04, 2013
I may have a book for you to illustrate.
by: Frank Bell


I may have a book for you to illustrate. I like the style of WOOF; it may be an appropriate style for a book I have written. Have you any more examples of your illustrating style that I can look at?

My e mail address is

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