Two Frogs
by Chris Wormell

Chris Wormell's Two Frogs

Children's book review by Jane Finch

Ages 4-8

A funny book about friendship and survival

Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad in the middle of a lake. One of the frogs is clutching a stick and tells his friend it is to beat off the dog. This is a mystery because there is no dog.

Frog number one is confused. No dogs ever come to the lake so why is a stick needed? The second frog explains.

He points out that a dog might come swimming, or perhaps the dog’s master might throw a ball into the lake for him to fetch.

The first frog continues to ask questions about why a dog would come into the pond. He thinks it is very silly to need a stick, and says a frog is much more likely to be eaten by a pike or a heron.

The first frog laughs so much he falls off the lily pad and into the water. At that moment a huge pike swims up and tries to swallow the two frogs.

At the same time, a huge heron arrives and takes the frogs in his huge beak and flies into the sky.

Cleverly, the frog with the stick saves them both. He uses the stick to wedge open the heron’s mouth, so that the frogs can escape.

They fall back into the pond and swim quickly to the shore, where they look for more sticks. Just in case.

Whilst they are looking for sticks, a man comes to the lake with his dog and throws a ball into the water...

Two Frogs

This is a lovely tale about two friends who really have to fight for survival every day.

One of the frogs is clearly concerned about this and thinks of ways to foil their enemies, whilst the other takes a much more relaxed view.

The text is full of humour, endearing both characters to the reader. The different characteristics are just perfect in conveying this subtle tale of always being prepared.

There are double page colourful illustrations, which have reflected the amusing frogs perfectly. The expressions on their faces are hilarious.

This is definitely a page-turning book and one that will be read over and over again. No sooner did I read to the end that I went back to the beginning to read it again.

The simple setting of a lily pad in the middle of a huge lake is just perfect for helping to focus on the two frogs and their banter.

This is a great book for an early reader, but what parent wouldn’t want to read this too? It is a memorable story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

I love the title. Two Frogs. Nothing about what is to come, so no hints there, which makes it such a pleasant surprise. The humour starts from page 1. This book will stay on my bookshelf for years to come.

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