12 Hidden Heroes:
More People in the Bible
Who Did Brave Things for God

by Rebecca Parkinson

Rebecca Parkinson's Twelve Hidden Heroes, Book Two: More People in the Bible Who Did Brave Things for God
(Old Testament)

Christian children's book reviews by Jane Finch.

Ages 8 - teens

Bible people who lived behind the scenes

This is the latest book in Rebecca Parkinson’s Hidden Heroes series. It is an interesting portrayal of Bible characters that are not so well known or documented. It’s like a play at the theatre, when the people working behind the scenes are doing just as much work as those in the limelight. The author here has taken the unusual view of looking at some of those unnoticed characters who may not be mentioned very often in the Bible, but whose actions were used by God to make a massive difference.

Take, for example, Eliezer. ‘Who?’ I hear you cry. Exactly! I thought I knew my Bible reasonably well, but I don’t even remember the name. Well, he was the servant that Abraham sent to find a wife for his son, Isaac. Rebecca Parkinson really brings the characters to life by drawing the reader into their world. She describes how Eliezer doubts his ability to perform the task set for him, and recreates his search, telling of the thirst of his camels, and his consternation when in the end everything is so simple and straight forward and unexpected. The thirst of the camels conveys the heat and dryness of the area, and the simple way of life is reflected in the actions of the women at the well. Cleverly she calls Eliezer the Matchmaker.

There are other amazing characters, such a soldier in Gideon’s army. The writer takes the story from the Bible – in this case Judges, and then tells the story using her imagination of what might have happened. By telling the soldier’s story of Gideon’s army the reader can really relate to what was happening and how the soldiers lived and the daily struggles they had.

I think this series is good for young teens who would like to know more about the stories of the Bible and the characters portrayed and the style of writing will help the readers to have a far great understanding of the lesser known people who nonetheless played important roles.

This is Book Two, and I have previously reviewed Book One of the Hidden Heroes series. There is one book of twelve heroes from the Old Testament, and one from the New Testament in this second instalment. I look forward to reading what other unsung heroes Rebecca Parkinson might uncover.

She lives in Lancashire, England with her husband and two children. After becoming a Christian she realised that the Bible isn’t a boring old book, but a living book that is full of exciting stories that still change people’s lives. She enjoys passing on these Bible stories in a way that everyone can understand.

Published by Day One Publications. Webmaster's note: Day One provided review copies to Jane.

Twelve Hidden Heroes (OT) Book 2: More People in the Bible Who Did Brave Things for God

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