Rose and the Treasure Hunting Game

by Adeola Uyeye

treasure chest girl

Once upon a time, in a far far away land; there lived a beautiful damsel named Rose. She was named after a delicate, beautiful flower because that was exactly what she was…delicate and beautiful.

Her parents made sure she had everything she needed; she never went hungry and lacked nothing.

Rose had many friends who loved to play with her because she was very kind and nice to all of them. They loved playing hide and seek, treasure hunting and lots of other interesting games.

One beautiful day, they all decided to go treasure hunting in the woods along the way from school. Everyone agreed to get back when Merlin, the youngest of all the friends, starts counting from number one to three…

Every ran into the woods and started treasure-hunting, there were a lot of things to be found; as long as its interesting, whoever gets the most interesting and desirable item wins the game.

Now Rose never lost a game and she made up her mind not to start now. So immediately the game was declared open, Rose ran into the woods, so that she didn’t realise she had gone too far from where everyone else was. She looked around for treasure, she searched and search until she found a deserted hut and got curious, so she got into the hut and whispered….. “Hello, is anyone in there?” She waited a while but got no response.

Gradually raising her voice, she kept saying “hello, anyone there?” but all she could hear was the sound of her tiny feet across the empty hut. Then she saw a door and quietly opened it, she peeped in and guess what she saw; lots of treasures, jewelries,.

With glitters in her eyes, she thought “wow, aren’t they beautiful? I’m going to take as much as I can and then come back for more tomorrow”. She knelt beside the pile and started packing them into her school bag, she filled her school bag with diamonds and said… “now, I am the winner of this game for sure. I won’t show this to anyone, I’ll keep it all to myself”.

She picked up her bag and headed out of the hut, little did she know that it was already late and since her friends didn’t find her when they called out for everyone to come out, they had gone home to tell her parents who had started searching everywhere in the woods for her.

Her parents had been worried that they had told the police to help in the search, the neighbours decided to join the search group because they all loved Rose and didn’t want anything bad to happen to here.

Rose tried to find her way but could not, she walked and walked until she was tired and could walk no more, so she sat under a tree and decided to rest. No sooner had she sat that she slept off.

It was getting dark when the sound of dogs barking awoke her, she started screaming for help until the search party found her.

Everyone was so happy when they found her, now she would not be able to keep all that she had gotten to herself as she had to narrate the story to her parents and friend. She directed the police to the hut and there they caught a man who they later realised had been stealing from the small neighbourhood and has been keeping all he had stolen in that hut.

Rose was taken home and the police was very grateful to her because she helped them arrest the neighbourhood thief. They rewarded Rose with lots of Treasures. She was very happy because she didn’t need to steal the treasures and she still won in the treasure-hunting game but this time, she ended up with real treasures.

From that day, Rose promised never to try to get greedy let alone try to steal. She lived with her parent happily ever after.

The End

Written and compiled by Adeola Uyeye, owner of Proximate Consult, Lagos, Nigeria, 2011

The author lives in Ebute-Metta, Nigeria.

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