Traditional Media and Digital

by Joseph Giunta
(Plainfield, Illinois)

cow jumping over the moon

cow jumping over the moon

cow jumping over the moon
shepherd and lamb
The Great Bike Race
relaxing under a palm tree

I can work in both traditional media and digital. Unlike some artists who work in digital, however, I use a soft approach that emulates traditional media. All the samples I uploaded were created in digital format using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

I generally create a drawing in soft pencil, then scan it and use it in Photoshop or Illustrator. If I need a hard line for the art, I use my Wacom tablet to draw the characters digitally in Illustrator using a more artistic brush stroke than the technical ones used by many digital illustrators. In that way, the art has a feeling of spontaneity and the look of traditional media. All of my samples were created digitally.

In addition to digital skills, I can create artwork in watercolor, acrylics, and pastel. I also teach open-enrollment courses at a junior college in charcoal drawing, pastel painting, digital painting, and color pencils. I am employed full time as a graphic designer.

I do not have a set fee for my work. I would prefer to negotiate payment based on the specifics of the assignment. I do not do full illustrations on speculation. However, if my style works for a client but they are uncertain about whether my ideas will be suitable, I am willing to do two to three rough sketches for their review at no charge.

My collaborative style is one that respects the client or writer and what they bring to the project. In my opinion, content comes first; illustration is second.

Illustration should advance the story in a visual way. Whenever possible, it should show the reader what has not been written. It should also be interesting enough to hold a young child's attention.

I like to work with others who respect the unique vision an illustrator can bring to their stories.

While, in some cases, the art may not match the exact vision the writer had in mind, the illustrations may enhance the reading experience for the child allowing the young reader to really feel and understand the story as the author intended.

With this goal in mind, a professional collaboration can result in a truly memorable book.

I prefer initial contact via e-mail. Contact JP Giunta.

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Dec 20, 2010
Lovely work :)
by: Anonymous

...and thank you for the comment, Joe. (A kiss for that.) Best of luck!


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