Is Your Kid Watching
Too Much TV?

A children's book that can help with "Too Much TV"

Television is entertaining by definition. If it weren't, we wouldn't turn it on! (And of course the same thing can be said of other screen-based activities, like video games, computer games, social media and such.)

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The problem is, while TV keeps kids busy, it keeps them from other important things, like

  • playing
  • working
  • socializing
  • entertaining oneself.

boy wants to turn off television

The child who can't step away from the screen is missing out on a lot of growing-up! All that screen time is causing the child to fall behind in any number of areas that lead to a happier and more successful life.

Of course, you can tell your child to turn off the television, but you also know the downsides to that:

blaring tv cartoon with remote

  • It can make your child oppositional
  • It can make the television seem even more appealing. Children naturally want to do what they're told they can't!

Therefore, I'll bet we can all agree on what the best possible parenting outcome is: a child who self-monitors his/her own screen time. Or in other words...

A child who chooses to turn off the television!

Well, guess what? We have a book that makes that outcome a real possibility.

A children's book about how much television is too much can help

My storybook about a kid who simply has too many shows he wants to watch, How Tombo Learned to Turn Off the TV, is a form of bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the use of children's books to address children's problem behaviors.

"Tombo" is the story of a kid who, like so many kids (and adults) simply gets absorbed in the stories that unfold in front of him (instead of living his own stories). He likes this show and that show, and he always wants to know what happens next!

Tombo's tale is a funny one. Tombo has parents who don't like saying, "No." Instead they keep making television-watching more and more uncomfortable for their child. They turn off the heat to the TV room, and they start making Tombo write reports about each show he watches.

You might find that Tombo's parents have some great ideas for you.! And if your child's problem is with other forms of excessive screen time - video games, social media, etc. - I'll bet you're smart enough to figure out how to make the book apply.

In the story, Tombo's parents manage to make watching too much TV simply too much work for Tombo.

That's when he learns to turn it off, and that's when he learns what he's been missing!

Tombo's story is a fun one that any child will enjoy. But I've done something else to make sure the book's message really hits home...

Illustrations are important!

The goal with a behavior book is to get your child to interact with it repeatedly. That way the book's lessons are reinforced. That's why we offer two PDF versions of the too much TV book...

kid staring happily at tv

Do we have a deal?

(This book only)

(This book + one other)


Read an excerpt of the too much TV book to help me decide.

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