Colonial abduction title help please

by Jim Duyer
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Hello, I need some more help. Please.

I need an idea for the title of a short novel.

I discovered a true story, witnessed and
documented, about an alien abduction that
occurred in the year 1710 in America.

It was hidden due to some translations that
had never been done.

I researched this and added lots of supporting
materials that I found, as well as another similar incident. My problem is the title.

1710 - first Alien Abduction in the Colonies,
seems too long.

Abduction Files Case 001:
subtitle (1710 - New World)

(Recall that there was no U.S.A at the time,
only colonies)

Colonial Abductions - 1710

Any suggestions or help?

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Colonial Enquirer
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

We did right by Jim last time, but I'm at a loss for this one. I'm a Yankee Doodle E.T.? Four Score and Seven Light Years Ago? Someone stop me!

Colonial Abduction Title
by: Andrea Paez Lozano

Hi Jim, Steve,

Sounds like an interesting book.

Jim, one of your titles sounds interesting and to the point, in my opinion, with just a few changes. How about this title for your consideration:

Alien Abduction Files: Case 001

Title for new book
by: Jim Duyer

Thanks Andrea, I agree that that was
my favorite, and I probably will go with it.

Thanks also for your comments. I thought
it was extremely interesting when I found it.
The subject is a little esoteric but
I personally believe it to be true.

Here it is!
by: Jim Duyer

I settled on a title after your kind suggestions and after kicking around about nine hundred.

I make my own covers. It's part of my writing process, as it helps me to focus on the project.

Here is the new cover, tell me what you think.

1655 A.D.: Alien Encounters in Colonial America

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Help me come up with the best title for a children's book

by Jim Duyer
(San Jose)

I've written a children's picture book for preschoolers that gives a basic understanding of how they would write their name using the Mayan picture alphabet (also referred to as Glyphs, while some use the term pictographs).

I understand that the buyers are the ones that need to see a catchy title, but I want to portray the proper information to them, and yet make it
memorable to the kids also.

I have the following proposed titles, could you tell me which is best in your opinion?

1) Sophia and Emma learn the Mayan Alphabet
2) Sophia and Emma learn about Mayan pictographs
3) Sophia and Emma learn to write their names in Mayan
4) Sophia and Emma write their names in Mayan Glyphs
5) Sophia and Emma learn about the Mayan writing system
6) Sophia and Emma draw the Mayan picture alphabet
7) Sophia helps Emma draw her name in Mayan
8) Sophia helps Emma paint her name in Mayan Glyphs
9) Sophia draws her name in the Mayan alphabet

I sure could use some help - it's funny how this one thing is all I need to finish in order to obtain an ISBN and get started publishing. I want the best title I can.

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Catchy title
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Jim, you note the need for a "catchy" title, but in my opinion (sorry!) none of those come close. I'm going to go outside the box to make a suggestion...

The nine titles you put out there sound like subtitles to me. If it were me, I'd give it the title, "What's a Glyph?" Then I would use one of the nine (#1, actually) as the subtitle.

One man's opinion. Thanks for stopping by!

catchy title
by: Jim Duyer

That's just the kick in the head I needed.
I agree and thank you very much.

Best Title for a Children's Book
by: Anonymous

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

by: Jeremy Foster-Fell

As a micro publisher I want to second the motion of Steve to just use the catchy title

"What's a glyph?"

That is a perfect attention title...and who the heck knows what a glyph is....' a small giraffe?' so that the adults attention (who buy the books will be piqued.)

Great suggestion Steve (and also you can have an explanatory sub title, choose the first one which is best, in your book listing.)

Good luck. I will keep an eye out for it

Jeremy FF

Catchy Titles dep't
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Jim, glad you like it, and if Jeremy seconds the motion, well, I'm just aglow.

Also, the accountants have asked me to bill you one Facebook Like for the site. ;-)

site name in Mayan Glyphs
by: Jim Duyer

Instead of a facebook like, here is the site name, best childrens books . com in Mayan Glyphs.

The CH is one character and the BO is also one character, using the syllabary alphabet.

so it's "Best Childrens Books Com (they did not use a dot)

Thanks Again, Jim

PS (after designing the world's first online syllabary alphabet translator for Maya Glyphs,
and contributing my translations to three current fiction novels and a book of poetry, I decided
to give my own book a go).

Thank you, Jim
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

We had 23 visitors from Guatemala in the last month. Maybe this will boost things!

Site Name in Mayan Glyphs
by: Anonymous

That is so cool, Jim. Your book sounds so promising and interesting. Good luck!

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