Title and how to continue my story

by Sierra M
(Appleton, ME, United States)

I don't have a title of my story but first I have a story that I'd started but I'm stuck on how to continue it so it. It's starts with a little pit bull puppy escaping from the pound and he almost gets caught then he goes through the forest and then gets stuck on a pond where someone picks him up brings him back to the persons home and names him and then I'm stuck I'm not really sure how to go about making this childerns book doing a title and what audience it Should be addressed too someone help?

Sierra, hi. Steve here.

I'm going to suggest you put aside the title for a little longer until you figure out more completely the nature of your story. (I'm also going to suggest that you work a bit on punctuation and grammar!)

I work with a lot of new writers, so I'm going to suggest two specific things to do going forward as you try to fill in your story.

  1. Read a lot of children's books of the kind you're trying to write. Most importantly, don't just read them once. Read each one repeatedly. Once a story starts being familiar to you, it's easier to focus on how it's built, how it's structured. That's when you'll really start learning about the craft of children's book writing.

  2. As you write, focus on viewpoint. I want everything you write at this point in your development to be from your main character's viewpoint. Whether it's first person (I decided I have to get out of this pound) or third person (The puppy thought about how much he needed to get out of that pound), you need to be focused like a laser on what your main character is thinking AND feeling. If you introduce other characters, introduce them through your main character. (The puppy tried to figure out if the man was trying to help him...or hurt him.

That might not be precisely the help you were asking for, but it's the best I've got to offer at this point. Good luck!

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