Thoughtful Marbles
by Laura Miller

Thoughtful Marbles, a story by Laura Miller

On her 9th birthday, a girl named Donna got a bag of marbles from her grandparents. Donna’s grandma wrote the meaning of each colored marble on a piece of paper.

The white marble represents forgiveness.

The black marble represents wisdom.

The blue marble represents hope.

The red marble represents love.

The green marble represents harmony.

The yellow marble represents thankfulness.

Donna’s grandpa told her that these were special qualities that she had and could give to others. He said to look at the marbles when she needed help deciding what to do.

One day Donna’s friend said something hurtful to her.  She looked in the bag of marbles and saw the white marble of forgiveness. She called her friend and explained why her words hurt her feelings. Her friend apologized and Donna forgave her.

For a school assignment, Donna had a worksheet on fractions that was hard for her. She looked in the bag of marbles and saw the black marble of wisdom. She found an online fraction lesson with explanations and examples to help her know how to do the problems on the worksheet.

One day Donna’s dad was laid off from his job. Donna thought of the blue marble that stood for hope. She made a card for her dad with a message of encouragement that he could find a new job.

Donna’s mom was working late and Donna missed her. Donna looked at the red marble which represented love. She made a red paper heart and wrote “I love you mom” on it and gave it to her when she came home.

For a dinner party, Donna’s aunts couldn’t agree on what to make.  Donna remembered the green marble stood for harmony and suggested that the dinner could be a potluck and everyone could bring a dish to share. They thought it was a great idea.

Donna’s parents didn’t have a lot of money. Donna’s yellow marble reminded her to be thankful for what she did have like a home, food, clothes, and a caring family.

The End

© 2016 by Laura Diana Miller

The author lives in North Carolina, USA.

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