Let's Explore
The Ten Commandments, The Lord's Prayer, The Beatitudes
by John G. Roberts

John G. Roberts' Let's Explore: The Ten Commandments, The Lord's Prayer, The Beatitudes

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

For kids, parents and Sunday school teachers

A book that explores the teachings of the Bible and how they affect our every day lives

The main characters are Danny and Karen, who are thirteen-year-old twins. They join with their parents and a friend, Karen, for bible discussion.

The book is divided into three parts; the first deals with the Ten Commandments. There are 13 chapters in this part. Danny and Karen bring home ten questions following a Religious Education lesson at school. They discuss whether the Ten Commandments are relevant in people’s lives today. Each Commandment is dealt with by chapter.

The thirteenth chapter in this section gives a scenario and shows exactly how the Commandments are relevant and also how important they are.

The second part deals with the Lord’s prayer. Danny and Karen look at every verse in this Prayer and discuss its relevance for today.

This second section is divided into twelve chapters, each with a different story scenario that would make the content of the Lord’s prayer relevant.

Part three looks at the Beatitudes. The family are on a canal holiday and they get together to talk about the teaching of Jesus found in the Beatitudes.

This section is also divided into 12 chapters and deals with daily happenings that relate to Jesus’ teachings.

I would suggest that this is a book suitable for children who have made a commitment to being a Christian. What I like about it is that it is written in story form, so that the teachings it seeks to portray are explained in an understandable way.

For example, Danny has an accident and breaks his right arm. This means he cannot write or draw, and he soon becomes bored as he recuperates. He begins to feel quite sorry for himself, especially as he cannot play his favourite game, cricket. Then he hears that Karen’s friend has a birthday but her father is unemployed and they cannot afford a party. Danny and the family decide to arrange the party at theirs, and this occupies Danny’s mind. He forgets about being bored as he thinks of others.

This situation is then discussed with the family and they look into the Bible for guidance about God’s Will.

This book is ideal for parents and Sunday school teachers because it gives the opportunity to look at an every day situation and then discuss when the Bible teaches about responding to those things that may happen.

My son was given this book on the day of his baptism. It is a lovely book to take one story and discuss. Sometimes he reads it on his own, and then can raise any questions he may have at a later date.

Let's Explore: The Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer and the Beatitudes is like a reference book for life’s journey for the young Christian.

Day One Publications provided a review copy of this book to our reviewer.  

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