The Story Blanket
written by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz
illustrations by Elena Odriozola

Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz's
The Story Blanket

Children's book review by Suzanne Holland

Ages 1-5

Making what you have be enough

The Story Blanket is an absolute delight! This fairly new book is a perfect read for little ones, not too long and with a simple message and plot.

Babba Zarrah is an old woman who loves to do two things: knit and tell stories to the children of the village. The children gather on her big and colorful blanket and listen to Babba’s wonderful stories.

One day Babba (in a typically grandmotherly move) notices that one boy has a huge hole in his sock. Naturally, she intends to fix it, but how to obtain wool? The village has been snowed in and she can’t get any wool. She ponders the dilemma but claims “every problem has an answer. I just have to think of it.” There it is, message number one!

In that homespun practicality known to Babbas everywhere, she decides to unravel a little bit of blanket to knit new socks. In a manner similar to Santa and St. Nicholas, she creeps through the night and leaves the new socks on his doorstep.

Apparently, this was a huge success and she proceeds to knit a scarf for the postman, mittens for the teacher and an apron for a neighbor. All the villagers wonder where the mysterious gifts came from. Meanwhile, the children are sitting closer to each other on the story blanket!

I love the illustrations by Elena Odriozola. They are simple and colorful and the characters look almost like stuffed sock people. The heads are fat white circles with tiny eyes and pink rouged cheeks. Babba is plump and shapeless, as perfect a grandmother as you will ever find!

Children will get a kick out of the blanket’s gradual shrinking as the gifts grow more numerous. Finally, there is no more blanket. It isn’t until the villagers come together in puzzlement that the mystery is solved.

How to thank Babba for her kindness? Every problem has an answer! All of the villagers collect a few strands of yarn from their own blankets and leave them on Babba’s doorstep. Imagine her surprise when she sees fluffy balls of yarn all over her yard!

Herein lies message number two: one good turn deserves another (or a variation thereof).

The stories resume with all the children spread out on the new blanket. As Babba spins her tales, she notices a hole in one little girl’s sock...

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I adored this sweet little story. For all the knitting mamas and grandmas, spread out your own story blanket, get cozy and enjoy Wolff and Savitz’s The Story Blanket!

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