The Great Book of Fairy Tales

by Audrey Moorhouse
(Lery, QC Canada)

My fairy tale world of writing:

Long ago, when I was a small child, I had a Fairy Tale Book. It was dearly loved. I had other books, like Mother Goose and various tales, but this--my very own book, charmed me.
The book Audrey is talking about is The Great Book of Fairy Tales edited by Mrs. Herbert Strang and illustrated by Grace Lodge. We can't find it on Amazon; can you?

It looks like they also worked together on a book called The Rose Fairy Book.

The Great Book of Fairy Tales

I loved to look at the beautiful drawings for hours, and imagine wonderful things. Perhaps the budding artist in me explained my fascination for the illustrations. I love depictions of fairy tales but do not care for some media attempts.

They drag the story on and on, and on. Fairy tales are only long in our imagination, where they should remain.

Also, when I was a small child, I had a very favourite time. I can see it today. My parents took my sister and I to the library some miles away. I cannot remember the details of the journey. All I remember, was sitting on the floor with the other children.

We sat in a circle surrounding the librarian, who read us fascinating stories from her picture books. I was charmed.

Later, as I grew up, the stories I loved were those of adventure and mystery, stories from other eras. Perhaps that is why I have never entered into the fantasy phase of the day. All of those old stories were too real for me.

In high school, my English teacher had a habit of reading to us. We had to memorize reams of poetry--some of which I still remember--but she would sit on the edge of her desk near the end of the lesson and read a story to us.

She was clever. She always ended the session with a “cliff hanger;” an exciting event was in play. The book closed, and we had to go to the library to check the book out to read what happened. Of course we read the whole book--well, we girls did. I'll always remember Precious Bane, a story to charm any young girl.

Later, I learned my sister-in-law, Jancis, was named after the main character because her mother was so charmed by that book.

Much of my life as I grew older, fastened on art, rather than literature, although my love of books never waned. I made my living in art.

When I returned to University, my life took “a little turn,” to quote from Jane Austen. I could not get the courses I wanted in art; I had wanted to teach it. So I chose literature and was "hooked," so to speak.

Several had said I should write, and eventually I did. At University, the different eras of literary history fascinated me, and for some reason my favourite class and teacher, taught “The Novel.”

Now, here I am writing novels, well, one. I am currently writing a novella.

My life took another little turn, and along with novels, I now write articles, many, many articles on various issues, as well as writing.

I am charmed, and fascinated by this wonderful area of my life, writing. It is my Great Book of Fairy Tales.

Audrey Moorhouse is a former graphic artist but currently writing historical romantic mysteries at Audrey Tara Moore. She is presently writing a novella in the histroical mystery vein. She also writes at Is Publishing for You?

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Feb 17, 2012
Fairy Tales
by: Maggie

Enjoyed your post, Audrey. There are books we read as children that have a lingering effect on us. Hope to read your books one of these days.

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