The Baby-Sitters Club Series

by Brittany Crawford
(Sperry, Oklahoma)

First book: Kristy's Great Idea

First book: Kristy's Great Idea

I couldn't choose just one book when thinking about children's literature. I remember getting the first book of Ann M. Martin's The Baby-Sitters Club series when I was ten years old for my birthday.

Kristy's Great Idea inspired me in several different ways.

First, these five girls formed not just a club, but a reptuable business, which they took very seriously.

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. These girls inspired me to take my writing seriously. Writing is not a profitable businees, but an author can learn a lot from his or her work.

Secondly, the Baby-Sitters Club series has inspired me because these five friends (Kristy, Claudia, Mary-Anne, Stacey, and Dawn) have had their share of ups and downs over the years.

Stacey's moving away to New York, Dawn's big move to California, Claudia's troubles at school...even if the girls disagreed about something, they would often work together to find a solution to their problem.

The five girls also welcomed Jessi and Mallory, who were only in 6th grade, as members when they themselves were in the 8th grade. The girls loved them and did not discriminate.

If you have a pre-teen daughter, you will want her to read and learn as much as I did from The Baby-Sitters Club. I learned about friendship, trust, and how to deal with emergencies properly thanks to these girls. The Baby-sitters Club is classic.

Brittany Crawford is a children's author. Her debut book is entitled I Sit in a Wheelchair...But I will be Okay!. This was published in Feburary, 2010 by Stragetic/Elqouent Books. The book is based on her life. Crawford has had Cerebral Palsy since nine months of age.

The main goal of "I Sit in A Wheelchair..." is to show children that they are important no matter what their challenge might be.

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