Taste of Bluegrass: Dyann J Callahan

(Shepherdsville, KY)

On the Prowl

On the Prowl

On the Prowl
bull terriers sketch for a client
Oil painting: horses on agate

I have specialized in very detailed wildlife and fantasy art in a variety of mediums.

The human form in sculpture or painting is another specialty of mine, from 1" to life-sized.

I have had a life that has included art and writing. I had a career as a ceramist in a dental lab that utilized the same equipment we used to cast gold and silver for custom pieces and art contests.

I am schooled in watercolors, oils and inks. I love a delicate watercolor or black and white rendering. There isn't much call for it, but I like graphite also.

I have Photoshop, Illustrator, and am comfortable using them. I use mostly traditional media but can provide originals with electronic scans for you.

During the past year I was an editor of a college newspaper while I was also a nursing student. We did our own art and infographics for our writing. This introduced me to advertising art and sharing information through infographics and photography.

I have done gallery work and been published in the past 5 years with specialty wildlife pieces.

Thanks to newspaper work, I understand deadlines and pleasing customers more than ever. A great piece of art may not always be the greatest piece for that project. I also understand that while creativity is a talent and to be nurtured, time and productivity is key for business.

My term ended, so I wanted to find custom work in this field. I am used to meeting deadlines with print in mind.

In building my portfoilio, I am willing to work hard and long to pay my dues, as this is my passion. Thank you for considering me!

I like to have fun and work with you to create something new.

- Black line art usually just takes a few hours and can be done cheaply and quickly.
-I am willing to do sample sketches to demonstrate for a client whether my style works with their project. It's a waste of time for both parties if the style isnt right.

I want you to be happy.

Revisions are free and done in a timely fashion. Sometimes other elements develop within the story, and changes need to be made.

-I can use Skype or talk with you to work out details, ideas, and suggestions. We have the same goal.

~~~~~~~~Feel free to contact me for an initial inquiry. I can work with you to see if it's a fit.~~~~~

My email is serpentinequill@ymail.com.

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