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Tassa Dimitropoulos
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Meet Tassa Dimitropoulos

I thought primary school teaching was tiring… and then I became a stay-at-home mom!

It's still teaching really but on a whole new level. A more intimate one and one with a lot more freedom. 

I like to think philosophically about what we are really teaching children these days, or rather what they are actively learning based on what we provide. Let's give them credit where it is due.

However, exposure to quality material is so important.

Since becoming a mother I have re-found love for the local library and am incessantly ordering and collecting books for myself and of course taking the maximum amount allowed for my daughter as well.

I have noticed, sadly, a real lack of quality children's story books in our local library in north London, UK.

I grew up in Canada and can't honestly remember too many of the books I read without seeing them, but over here the emphasis on learning the abc's and 123's is taking over children's libraries and depressing me simultaneously.

We need good storybooks at every age. You're never too young or old for a good story.

Books that are trying to teach kids something sometimes miss the point of reading for pleasure, which any educator will tell you is the most important factor in a child's reading life.

I am determined to seek out amazing story books for children and, because my daughter is only 2, it may be a challenge to engage both her and I, but it is, I believe, totally achievable.

One book in particular last month brought me to tears and inspired me to write reviews. It's just not acceptable for children to be deprived of the moving nature of literature, so I am hoping that reviewing will help people find good choices when looking for a gift, to enhance their personal collection or just for inspiration.

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