The Tale of Despereaux
Children's Book Review

The Tale of Despereaux
by Kate DiCamillo
Children's book review by Maya Benzaken

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I bought this book because the new movie just came out and I love to read the book before I watch the movie. I compare the two.

"This is interesting, what's going to happen next" was my reaction after every chapter. I felt that the characters showed themselves and who they were.

The plot was all because of Miggery Sow, a poorly teated servant girl. She had always wanted to be princess when she was a child and a rat, Roscuro, had convinced her to kidnap the princess, Princess Pea, and bring her to the castle's dungeon where she can get eaten by the rats of the dungeon's Rat Village.

The weaknesses appeared when the queen died. She died from rats and soup - a rat (Roscuro) was in her soup. She got so scared, she fell in her soup and died - so they have both been banned. Then, the Kingdom of Dor became cloudy and gray.

The strengths arrived when Despereaux Tilling was born. He wanted to explore and do new things even though the Mouse Council did not allow them such as he won't cower or scurry, he's not afraid of mousetraps(in fact, stealing the cheese from them was his favorite sport!), and instead of eating books he likes to read them!

I would prescribe this books to all children who love to read! I believe that The Tale of Despereaux is great for all ages and there are many valuable lessons to learn from this book!

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