The Long Tails of
Maui and Kasi
by Francesca Walker

Once upon a time there was a pretty, little kitty named Maui, who had everything a cat needed. Shiny feather toys that jingled and jangled when she bat them with her little paw.

She also had two loving parents that played with her and loved her dearly. Maui had her own special bed with her own blanket and pillow, she really was lucky!

Maui is completely black and has a very long fluffy tail that she often chased, her eyes are gold and shine when she's playing after bedtime.

A few weeks after Maui had been brought home something happened that changed her whole life!

The day had began normal enough, Maui had played with all of her toys and had 4 naps when her parents came home. They were carrying a box of some sort.

They put it down and Maui went to inspect. She loved playing in boxes. This box had holes along the side and odd squeaks came out of it! There was something alive in there! What could it be she wondered?

Her question was soon answered! The box opened???.. and nothing happened! No fireworks or anything. Then out came a little fur ball.

Maui stared in shock, was this supposed to be a cat? Was she being replaced, what had she done wrong? For the rest of the day Maui lazed on toped of the couch and watched this cat play with her toys and her parents. This fur ball had even tried to sleep in her bed!

Maui was not happy at all, she did not like this new part of the family. The parents had named her Kasi but she didn't seem to respond to it she just hid behind the couch like a scaredy cat!

When the parents let Kasi sleep in Maui's bed Maui had had enough! She took out her little suitcase packed her blanket and shiny feather toys as fast as she could! She began the long haul to the stairs. Everyone was watching a movie they wouldn't miss her.

She had just made it to the top of the stairs when Kasi jumped up beside her. "Where are you going?" Kasi asked with her head dropped to the side. "I'm leaving, you guys don't need me now that you're here to stay."

"What are you talking about I need you Maui! Who's going to teach me how to use the litter or how to chase birds or how to jump? I'll have no one to play with when no one's home!" Kasi looked down at her little white paws and began to leave.

Maui looked at the door and thought, she was needed. Kasi would never be able to learn all of that without her. The parents would really miss her and she would miss them.

She dropped her suitcase and opened it, she pulled out her favourite blue necklace and they began to play. And so the rest of the evening went until they were all tired out and snuggled down to sleep in a pile of warm, cozy blankets.

Copyright 2007 by Francesca Walker

Francesca Walker lives in Alberta, Canada, with her two cats.

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