Suzanne Holland
Teacher, Children's Book Reviewer

Suzanne Holland
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Meet Suzanne Holland

You have to respect a children's books reviewer who has logged 9 years (so far!) in a kindergarten classroom. Suzanne's tastes in children's books run deep and wide (though she's no fan of science in fiction).

She's a voracious reader, always eager to share a book she loves with others. (Sometimes those books don't come back!) She's looking forward now to sharing books with more people than ever.

Suzanne can't help but share her very real joy of reading in her reviews, perhaps because she knows as well as anyone the positive effect a good book can have on a child. We're thrilled to have her at Best Children's Books!

Suzanne Holland in her own words

I am a married mother of four. I have a Bachelor's in English and a Masters in Early childhood education.

I have taught for the past thirteen years although I have taken this year off. (I hope to return in the fall.)

When my children were very small I made a deliberate choice to surround them with stories. I was reading to my oldest at six weeks. I used to make up serial stories about a little girl named Floobie and her sister Flubba. My daughters still recall them!!

I have saved my earliest attempts at writing and silly as they seem now, I share them with my children and students to show them the power and magic of words, and the journey all writers and readers undertake.

I hope reviewing at Best Children's Books is another means of reaching an audience with that message.

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