God Loves You, Stubby
Stubby's Destiny
by Dixie Phillips

Stubby's Destiny
Christian Children's book review by Lois Meyer

Ages 9-12

Stubby's Destiny tells the story of a young donkey who felt like a failure. Then Stubby finds out that God has a Plan for him!

Stubby is so cute you will want to hug him! The full page illustrations by illustrator Kim Sponaugle make you feel like you are right there in Stubby's world.

Dixie Phillips has a way of writing that puts you right in Stubby's shoes, oops, horseshoes.

I love Stubby. I feel for Stubby. I can relate. Your child will too.

Stubby wanted to be used in the royal service of the king. "I wish I was as regal as the kings horses." "Why am I always in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

Sound familiar? Your child may have had similar thoughts. I wish I could sing as good as the other kids in Sunday School. I wish God loved me as much as the smart kids. I wish I could do something that would make God proud of me. What can I do for God?

One day Stubby was chosen. "The Lord has need of him," the men said.

Stubby held his head high as he entered the city and heard the people cry, "Hosanna! Hosanna!"

"I'm carrying a King on my back!"

Your child will be so happy for Stubby!

Expect to hear, "God has a plan for me, too!"

If Stubby's Destiny has any weaknesses, I could not relate. I only know that the kids gained faith that God has a plan for them, a "Divine destiny."

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