Storybook Art

by David Parker

from Froggie Time

from Froggie Time

from Froggie Time
from Froggie Time

Self taught, I am still learning, as are all artists.

I strive to create art that depicts narrative, characterization, setting, color harmony - key elements of storybook art. These are just some of the building blocks it takes, I believe, to properly clothe an author's story or tale.

I work in pastels, oil, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylics, graphite pencil, pen and ink, etc.

Oil, acrylics and pastels are my preferred medias.

My style is neither overtly cartoony nor photorealistic. I strive to develop a style that is maybe whimsical but has realistic qualities.

Fees are negotiable but are within the typical price ranges of illustration fees, and I can provide some sketches free to get a dialogue started between the author and myself.

As illustrator Jim Harris states in his article about illustrators and authors, I'm free to work closely with an author to bring about the desired end.

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