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I wrote these free children's books for my own daughter. I had an ulterior motive (which I'll discuss in a minute), but the books were so well-received by my little girl that I'm excited to share them with you.

This might be my ego speaking (read my writer's bio), but I think you'll find them to be a couple levels above most of the free children's books you find on the internet. (Look, people agree!)

They read like picture books, but they don't have pictures. (Yet.) Isn't that great?


Yes, great. Because after you print one out and read it, your child illustrates it. That's right, it's not just reading material, it's an activity! And an accomplishment! Does your child have any other books on which he or she was the illustrator?

These books will be a point of pride for your child. I can practically promise you that.

Q: Okay, so you were too lazy, or untalented, to illustrate the book. I guess I can accept that, since I'm not paying anything. What's the other "unexpected" feature? Profanity?

Boy, are you tough! No, the other unexpected feature is that both of my free children's books could help address a problem behavior your child might be experiencing. That was the "ulterior motive" that caused me to write each book in the first place.

They worked magnificently. And treating behaviors with books isn't a notion I invented.

"Bibliotherapy is the process of using books to help children think about, understand, and work through social and emotional concerns."

from Positive Child Guidance by Darla Ferris Miller

See? Children's therapists use it. And I'm giving it away. I am crazy!

Want to see ALL the behavior books, not just the two below? Maybe one will speak to a behavior problem your child is struggling with!

Okay, the links to my free children's books are below. There's nothing you have to do in return for them. But I would ask you this favor, and it's not to benefit me....

The Literacy Site

Are you aware of The Literacy Site? It's a store, but there's a huge button on their front page. Click on it (it's free!) and a donation is made to their charity partner, First Book.

First Book turns donations into free children's books for kids from needy families. Every day you click on The Literacy Site button, a large enough donation is made to cover 1/100th of a free children's book.

I know, it doesn't sound like much at first, but if you click every day (like I do), in a year you'll have provided a free children's book to nearly four children who wouldn't have had one otherwise!

In January, 2006, more than 2 million clicks added up to 21,257 books!

So here's the link. (Consider bookmarking it so you can do it every day!) It does good and it makes you feel good. Come back after you've clicked.

The Literacy Site

Okay, so here are the books. (They're Adobe PDF files.)

Playing Nicely

Picky Eating

The "Playing Nicely" book addresses the issue of cooperative play with other children. If your child struggles with sharing and compromising, this book could help!

The "Picky Eating" book is entitled, How Only Baloney Got Cured of Spoiled-Taste-Buds-Atitis." Not only a story, it includes activities that can help you get a dialogue going with your child about healthy eating.

(And despite the fact that they're about behaviors, they're still good stories that stand on their own. Your child will be entertained.)

Just staple the pages together on the left margin (you can use cardstock for the first and last pages to improve durability), and you're ready to read! And draw!

If you and your child enjoy and benefit from these books (I call them Behavior Books), you may want to check out my Write Your Own Behavior Book Page.

I'll walk you through the process of writing your own pictureless picture book. For subject matter, you can use another of your child's problem behaviors.

(You can do it, I promise. And your child has more problem behaviors, I promise.)

More free kids' books are available, provided by writers who visit this site. Check out More Free Children's Books.

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