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Everything but a swimsuit issue!

I was really struck perusing Sports Illustrated for Kids, taken aback at how closely it resembled the parent magazine.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Kids love sports. Grown-ups love sports too.

My attitude is, if your kid is going to follow sports, shouldn't you be thrilled that some of that time will be spent reading a children's magazine on the subject instead of just watching TV?

Sports has stories. Stories are best told on the page. After reading this magazine, I honestly believe that your child will have a more personal and intellectual relationship with the games he or she follows.

Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning

If you've read the parent magazine...

...know that Sports Illustrated for Kids most resembles the first 20 or so pages of a grown-up Sports Illustrated issue. The items are shorter, and there's a greater emphasis on the visual.

Still, there's plenty of text. This magazine will have your child reading. Regularly. And from what I saw, your child will be spared most of the nitty-gritty of sports. I didn't see anything about athletes with pending court appearances.

That said...

Sports Illustrated will not leave your kid completely sheltered from the real world. The issue I read had a "S.I. Teen" section, featuring athletes in rather casual street clothes in front of their "tricked out" cars.

SI for Kids takes your child beyond the playing field.

In fact, the issue I read put it to the kids - in a poll - whether alcohol should be served at sporting events.

(You'll be glad to know that 68% said it shouldn't.)

Suffice it to say...

...your child will be getting a dose of the real world with Sports Illustrated for Kids. Then again, children old enough to read this are getting decent-sized doses of the real world at school, and with friends.

So for maturity reasons, I'm going to recommend SI for Kids highly, but only for kids in 6th grade or higher. Children as young as 7 had written in to the "Talkback" letters to the editor section.

I want to have a talk with their parents.

Check out Sports Illustrated Kids magazine.

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