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Frankly, I don't like the term Spoiled Child

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To me it suggests that the child is entirely at fault, independent of upbringing and environment. I worry that it also implies permanence.


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I don't buy it. Demanding and unappreciative behavior can be unlearned.

That's where my children's book about a spoiled child comes in. It's about a child who learns to appreciate.

A girl jealous of another child who appears to have more, or a boy pouting over what he doesn't have, is an unsatisfied child. A child who feels appreciation is satisfied.

The truth is every child is born spoiled. Babies are built to let us know when their needs aren't being met! But a growing child has to learn the difference between needs and wants, and also that Mom and Dad aren't responsible for meeting every want.

Do you have a girl or boy who often acts spoiled? Well, my children's behavior book, How Bobo Learned to be Satisfied, is just the thing. Instead of making the issue your child, the book makes the issue some other child. A child named Bobo who not only overcomes his spoiled behavior, he's happier because of it!

(Have you ever seen a spoiled child who seemed happy being spoiled? Me either!)

The book is a form of bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the use of children's books to address problem behaviors.

Pictures are the key!

You want your child to be exposed to the book's message again and again. That's why we offer Bobo in two PDF versions...

An unillustrated version. (A cheaper alternative. See below.) The pages are mostly blank, with only a little bit of text on each. We leave room for your child to do the illustrating!

(Not recommended for younger children.)

An illustrated version. (You asked, we delivered! Visit our download store for pricing.) The illustrations are coloring book drawings. Your child gets something to look at while reading, and the coloring means your child gets to keep interacting with the book and its message.
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Do we have a deal?

As with all my Children's Behavior Books, the price for the unillustrated version of How Bobo Learned to be Satisfied is only $3 US. At that price, how can you lose?

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Read an excerpt of the spoiled child book to help me decide.

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