The Space Dragon Ate the Moon

by Floyd Jones

dragon in the sky

Oh ho, what a sight!
Do you see it my love
peeking up from beyond the beyond?
A tangerine moon
how it monkeys the sun
rising fat like the morning has dawned.

It’s juicy and plump
filled with tangerine blood
as it floats from the hills into space.
It’s proud and it’s wild
like an arrogant child
that can seldom be put in its place.

Look now, little one!
There is danger afoot!
See it heading right into those clouds?
I swear that’s the place
where the Space Dragon lives
lying wait in his heavenly shrouds.

I’ve oft heard it told
that the Space Dragon eats
several comets with nary a spoon.
And asteroids, well,
while they’re crunchy and sweet,
what he hungers for most is the moon.

Oh, roarless and swift
like a lioness pounce,
see? He’s gobbled the whole bottom half!
And now all that’s left
is a big muffin top
lying prone like a wounded giraffe!

Puh-leeze you mean beast
leave us some of the moon!
We need something to see in the dark!
But no, he won’t stop.
Nibbling slow, right to left,
he devours the rest, grabba-WHARK!

I’ll miss you sweet moon
with your hillocks of cheese,
and I’ll miss how you play with the sea.
All the poets will cry
and the werewolves will moan
and the lovers will pine over thee.

But wait! O’er that tree!
Do you see what I see?
That bright sliver of light like a cup?
See it grow? It’s the moon!
Coming back bit by bit!
That old dragon is coughing it up!

Now I must admit
I was sure that he would
for that dragon is like me and you.
How fun could it be
to devour your prize?
When it’s gone, there’s no more to pursue!

So snuggle in tight
sail sweet dreams through the night
on a ship with the moon over you.
And know that somewhere
in the night’s misty air
that Space Dragon is dreaming it, too.

The End

Copyright Floyd Jones, 2011

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

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