Art With A Heart

by Sorista Michelle Tary
(Crossville, Tennessee, USA)

Offering Rides on the Carousel of Time

Offering Rides on the Carousel of Time

Offering Rides on the Carousel of Time
New Earth mural: 4' x 8' acrylic on wood
King of the Frogs
Comfy Cat

My name is Sorista, and I've been sketching and drawing since age five, declaring that I would grow up to be an artist.

These days I live in the country with my son, husband and a handful of pets. I studied art in college and show my paintings in galleries.

I do all kinds of commissioned art, from portraits to murals.

My style is warm realism. If you like acrylic, oil, watercolor, or pastels, those are what I most frequently use in my art.

My charge is according to the project and, as with all my other commissions, I would prefer to come to a win/win scenario so we both know what to expect from each other prior to starting a project. I'm flexible and like to please, so I wouldn't mind doing a few simple sketches to establish character likeness, etc.

Good communication between us is a must, and I hope you like progress shots emailed to you so when the illustrations are complete, they meet your heart's desire and you get what you expect.

Email Sorista.

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Feb 05, 2014
Impressive work!
by: Linden

I have seen several of your portraits and murals. I'm amazed by the capable way you capture the detail of the moment. Your illustrations and murals seem to reach out focus attention on the broad scale as well. I was present at the unveiling of your portrait of Ed Westcott at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, TN. Impressive! Expectantly waiting to see more of your work.

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Awesome Artwork!

by Doina Paraschiv

Baby Fairy and Unicorn - mixed medium illustration

Baby Fairy and Unicorn - mixed medium illustration

Baby Fairy and Unicorn - mixed medium illustration
Fairies & Cherries - watercolor illustration
ESPete (Sixth Grade Sense) — gouache
Gator Inflator — mixed medium

Awesome Artwork for Your Children's Book!

My name is Doina Paraschiv. I am an award-winning professional illustrator, animator and cartoonist with more than 20 years of experience and uncountable published works. I can do it all, but my favorite endeavor is to illustrate children's books.

Among the high profile companies I've worked with are:

• Cabbage Patch Kids, Inc.
• Harcourt School Publishers
• DIC Animation Studio, and
• Filmation

Two of the books I illustrated won the Moonbeam Children Books Award. I am also a SCBWI (Society of Children Books Writers and Illustrators) member.

My illustration style, far from being rigid and repetitive, can adapt to any requirements — from cartoons to fine art — and I can work in any art medium (colored pencils, watercolors, gouache, oil painting, mixed, etc.). I breathe life into the characters I create — may they be children, animals, or objects — and the lively colors I am inclined to use always attract children to my artwork.

If I'm chosen to illustrate your book, I would follow your instructions and provide sketches for approval, color scheme, and final color illustration in any format required by your printer or publisher.

I offer high quality artwork, professionalism, and above reproach work ethics.

I attached here the four allowed illustrations, but you can easily find my portfolio online if you google "doina paraschiv, illustrator" to see relevant children illustrations and to read testimonials.

Thank you for your consideration.
You can contact me at

Doina Paraschiv

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Jul 22, 2014
incredibly talented
by: Rosalyn B. Katz

To Whom It May Concern:

Doina Paraschiv and I have been working together for several years. As president of Executive Training Concepts, Inc., a consulting firm, since 1981 (with up to 38 employees), I can assure you, I've dealt with many people.

Doina is the best - incredibly talented, wise, punctual, and oh so easy to work with - like butter.

Please feel free to call upon me at any time, should you require more specifics.


Rosalyn B. Katz
20 Schindler Drive
Rockaway, NJ 07866


Jul 22, 2014
Truly gifted artist
by: Dain F. Stokes

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Dain F. Stokes, and I am the author of "Jumpy the Frog," a children's book written under my pen name of Jake Farrell. Doina Paraschiv illustrated the entire book, including the front and back cover.

She did a simply wonderful job of capturing the full essence of the book's characters and theme with her illustrations. I have had countless compliments from readers on the magnificence of these illustrations, including Adam Sandler, who received two autographed books from myself last December for his two daughters.

Doina is a truly gifted artist and works in a highly professional manner. She is punctual, never missed a deadline (wish I could say the same for myself), and she walks with you through every step of the book-creating process. She did the book design and page layout with perfection!

I have two more "Jumpy" books in production, and Doina, hands down, will be the illustrator!

If I can be of any further service, please feel free to contact me at

Most Sincerely,

Dain F. Stokes
a.k.a. Jake Farrell

Jul 22, 2014
Creativity and talent
by: JoEllen Wilhoite

I could not have done better than Doina Paraschiv for illustrations on my first book. Her experience, creativity and talent were
invaluable. She’s exceptionally skilled and knows the publishing process thoroughly.

Doina completed the design and layout so that the book only needed to be printed by my publisher. She absolutely brought my book to life, and everyone who sees it raves about the fantastic illustrations.

I look forward to working with Doina on future projects and highly recommend her.


JoEllen Wilhoite

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Versatile, eye catching Illustrator

by Carol Harr
(Hattiesburg, MS, USA)

Tranquility: Abstract

Tranquility: Abstract

Tranquility: Abstract
Captain America
blue bird on column
Wonder Woman

Do you want an illustrator with a wide range of artistic styles to choose from? You've found it in this versatile Mississippian!

I can draw, paint, and illustrate in a variety of mediums. Do you want your illustrations to be watercolor, acrylic, fabric, collages, ink, cartoons or computer graphics? I can do it all!

I've sold many designs and created huge murals in 3 different public schools in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Please allow me to illustrate your words and make your book come to life for children.

If you want amazing graphics and eye catching pictures, then please contact me.

I have been an elementary school teacher for 16 years and, therefore, an avid children's book reader. I know what catches the interest of young readers, and I know exactly what makes them laugh and become interested in a book.


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Drawings that encourage

by Sandra Mack
(Conyers, GA USA)

B&W drawing of an old pirate map

B&W drawing of an old pirate map

B&W drawing of an old pirate map
B&W drawing of a pirate ship
A buzzy day at the park
Black Lab in color

Hi, my name is Sandy, and I am a freelance illustrator.

I have been drawing all of my life but never decided to do anything with it until just recently.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, however now I know. I really enjoy drawing illustrations for children books, illustrating brochures, posters and just Illustrating. I also enjoy drawing black and white illustrations as well.

My goal is to promote encouragement through my drawing. I am a stay home mom, so I am able to work on jobs all throughout the day and night. Looking forward to working with you soon!!

Sandra Mack

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Talented cartoonist or realist

by Amy Gibbs
(Naylor, GA)



If I Lived at the Circus

Talented cartoonist or realist

I am an elementary school teacher but have always been very talented at sketching and drawing. I was formerly a graphic design major, although the majority of my ability results from self-teaching and practice.

I work with a variety of media types but am more comfortable with pen and ink, watercolor, pastels, and color pencils.

I have the ability to create very life-like pictures, as well as caricature-type cartoons with personality. I can provide quick sketches of ideas before being chosen as an illustrator.

I am quite new at this, so price is negotiable, depending on detail needed and materials. Please contact me via email with any questions. My email is

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Children's Book Illustrator / Artist

by Cheryl Akins
(Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA)

Humpty Dumpty - Through the Looking Glass

Humpty Dumpty - Through the Looking Glass

I illustrate themes that are bright and vibrant, whimsical and fanciful - creating drawings and illustrations that children love to look at and that help them imagine the story they are reading or having read to them.

The more colorful and fantastic, the better!

Currently, I am working on a portfolio that is completely dedicated to art and illustrations that appeal to children.

My illustrations can convey a story even without any words. My dream is to create a children's book where a child tells the story just by looking at the pictures - where every story they think of is the right or perfect story for the book.

I've been an artist ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon or pencil. I've been an illustrator for more than twenty years. I work mainly in colored pencil, ink, and acrylic.

I welcome everyone to view my work and to please contact me if they would like more information about me and my work.

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Remi's Book Illustrations and Design

by Remi Bryant
(Ellenwood, GA)

latest book design: The First Time I Saw You

latest book design: The First Time I Saw You

Hello, my name is Remi Bryant, and I am a freelance illustrator and graphic artist residing in the Atlanta, GA, area.

Although I've been drawing my entire life, I've only been illustrating children's books for the past 5 years. My work to date has been specializing in figurative and cartoon images.

My graphic design degree enables me to be proficient in preparing final book layouts that are complete with text and images. All that you'll need is a printer!

The majority of my book illustrations are completed with Photoshop and Illustrator, but I do work in pencils and paints from time to time. My style tends to be realistic and vibrant in color.

Please, feel free to contact me and let me know what you think and if I can assist you in bringing your words to life! My email address is

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Taste of Bluegrass: Dyann J Callahan

(Shepherdsville, KY)

On the Prowl

On the Prowl

On the Prowl
bull terriers sketch for a client
Oil painting: horses on agate

I have specialized in very detailed wildlife and fantasy art in a variety of mediums.

The human form in sculpture or painting is another specialty of mine, from 1" to life-sized.

I have had a life that has included art and writing. I had a career as a ceramist in a dental lab that utilized the same equipment we used to cast gold and silver for custom pieces and art contests.

I am schooled in watercolors, oils and inks. I love a delicate watercolor or black and white rendering. There isn't much call for it, but I like graphite also.

I have Photoshop, Illustrator, and am comfortable using them. I use mostly traditional media but can provide originals with electronic scans for you.

During the past year I was an editor of a college newspaper while I was also a nursing student. We did our own art and infographics for our writing. This introduced me to advertising art and sharing information through infographics and photography.

I have done gallery work and been published in the past 5 years with specialty wildlife pieces.

Thanks to newspaper work, I understand deadlines and pleasing customers more than ever. A great piece of art may not always be the greatest piece for that project. I also understand that while creativity is a talent and to be nurtured, time and productivity is key for business.

My term ended, so I wanted to find custom work in this field. I am used to meeting deadlines with print in mind.

In building my portfoilio, I am willing to work hard and long to pay my dues, as this is my passion. Thank you for considering me!

I like to have fun and work with you to create something new.

- Black line art usually just takes a few hours and can be done cheaply and quickly.
-I am willing to do sample sketches to demonstrate for a client whether my style works with their project. It's a waste of time for both parties if the style isnt right.

I want you to be happy.

Revisions are free and done in a timely fashion. Sometimes other elements develop within the story, and changes need to be made.

-I can use Skype or talk with you to work out details, ideas, and suggestions. We have the same goal.

~~~~~~~~Feel free to contact me for an initial inquiry. I can work with you to see if it's a fit.~~~~~

My email is

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Creative Children's Book Illustrator

by Diana McManus Whitman
(Borden Springs, Alabama)

Soup's up!

Soup's up!

Creative Children's Book Illustrator Diana McManus Whitman

Creating vibrant, unique and just plain fun illustrations, Diana has over 20 years of experience as a fine artist/illustrator, graduating with excellence from the University of London for children's book illustration. Diana works in most media, from pencil to oils. Please feel free to contact the artist at, and she will be happy to speak with you about your project.

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Dec 30, 2009
Great job
by: Evelyn O. Simon

This is way cute. I love it :)

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The Becca Lea Experience

by Becca Edwards
(Athens, Ga)



from the deep blue
lip licking

I am a freshly graduated drawing major from the University of Georgia. I have been drawing and painting since I was a toddler, and I have always been fascinated by the illustrations in the books I read as a child, as well as trying to recreate the Disney movies I watched.

Watercolor is the medium I prefer, but I am also skilled with graphite, oil, and acrylic. I love saturated bright colors, tight renderings, abstract, and stylized drawings. My style is bright, fluid, and semi-realistic, but I can emulate any style needed.

Throughout my career as an artist I have designed concert posters, album covers, t-shirts, murals, furniture details, portraits, and countless other objects. My passion is to illustrate, and it is my dream to be able to do something I love as a living.

I would be honored to illustrate amazing children's books that will resonate throughout a child's life, as the books I read as a child have resonated in mine.

I can be contacted at

I am happy to provide sample sketches and anything else needed to get the job. Thank you so much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Soulful Southern Artist

by Jennifer Hargrove
(Mobile, AL)

Oil Painting of a Girl

Oil Painting of a Girl

Jennifer Hargrove: Artist and Illustrator

I have been described as a "soulful southern artist." I have experience with many mediums, such as acrylics and oils, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, pen & ink, and more. I have fine art portraits in private collections throughout the United States.

I love to draw and paint any and everything. I am able to provide light-hearted, almost jovial, illustrations for children's books, with sometimes strong and vibrant color and other times quite the opposite.

Whatever is needed to portray the characters and situations presented in the stories, this is what I do best. I love children. I love art. And I love a good story...

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Mar 18, 2010
Awesome Rendering
by: Chloe

Ten Stars! Jennifer created wonderful, detailed illustrations that captured exactly what I was trying to express. I never imagined anyone could take something and visualize it the way she did. Each illustration was a unique piece of art, and I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone.

Chloe T.

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Noelle Rousseau Illustration and Painting

(Savannah, GA USA)

Swimming, Floating, Flying

Swimming, Floating, Flying

Swimming, Floating, Flying
Owl Charm
Getting Close to the Sun
Little, Magical and Religious

Noelle Rousseau Illustration and Painting

I use many many materials when creating artwork.

I love texture. My work is usually colorful and lively, though I also like to use traditional pen and ink when creating black and white images.

The work that I like to produce is picture and children's book illustration and gallery artwork/fine art.

I'm currently a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Illustration.

I'm looking for authors who need an illustrator to make visual their text.

Email me at:

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Traditional and Digital Illustrations

by Carey R. Drake
(Atlanta Metro)

Quiet, Calm and Still

Quiet, Calm and Still

Professionally, I am an illustrator and graphic designer. Secretly, I'm a kid with a box of crayons and a big, blank, freshly painted wall.

My style is inspired by the likes of Bill Watterson and Phillipe Fix. I love the kinetic power of the cartoon, but I try to tame it with the stately beauty of classic illustration.

The illustration above is from my own children's story, "Safe and Sound." In this book, I used a technique that I have been favoring recently. I skipped the inking stage altogether and scanned the pencils directly into Photoshop, where I digitally painted it.

I love the grit and grain under the soft, luminous colors. Somehow it feels raw and polished at the same time.

My prices are negotiable. An illustration like the one above will command around $250.00. Simpler illustrations are less; more complex ones are more. You end up with a high-resolution digital image and a written agreement granting you publication rights. I retain credit and portfolio rights.

Contact Carey.

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TAAB's Doodles

by Tiyanna A. A. Boyd
(Rock Hill, SC, U.S)

My Cartoon Baby

My Cartoon Baby

My Cartoon Baby
Little Red Riding Hood
Thinking Leprechauns
Scrub-A-Dub Dub Legna

My name is Tiyanna A.A Boyd and I have enjoyed doodling since I was a little girl. I currently live in Rock Hill, SC and will be pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

I have practiced with cartoon and realistic art styles and I use a variety of tools like

• acrylic and watercolor paint
• colored pencils, and
• oil and soft pastels.

I am also proficient in Adobe Illustrator and programs like it.

One of my favorite things to create are memorable and cute cartoon characters. My other favorite thing is to create mesmerizing pieces that are soothing to the eyes. So if you are interested in illustrating for your book please contact me and I can produce sketches to help find you perfect characters.

Contact Tiyanna

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Bring Your Story to Life!

by Taillefer Long
(Charleston, SC, USA)

Hand-drawn Art: Turtle and Goat

Hand-drawn Art: Turtle and Goat

Hand-drawn Art: Turtle and Goat
Digital Art: Different Sized Sumos
Line Art: Lion and Gazelle
From Idea to Print: Elephant and Butterflies

Trust and clear communication are essential in developing a book that is inspired.

I love what I do, and I do what I love; who could ask for more?

I've been illustrating for about 12 years now (yikes, I'm getting old!), with a published portfolio that includes about 20 children's books, hundreds of editorial and political cartoons, book covers and pretty much everything in between.

My work ranges from cartoon-like to realistic. I work with all media, from colored pencils to digital. My style is flexible, and I am constantly learning new tools to best suit each project.

What sets my work apart is that I don't approach my projects as a service provider. I see the illustration process as a collaborative effort, guided by the author's vision.

I have worked with new and established authors, and I can help with every step towards getting your book published. I take a lot of pride in the work I put out there and in making the process enjoyable.

Please contact me at for more samples, estimates, or questions. I am fluent in Italian, French and Spanish, in case that might be of any help.

I look forward to bringing your story to life!


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Oct 22, 2016
Illustration needed asap
by: Flora

Need 24 illustrations for children's book already being published.
What are your changes. Pls. contact me at moagbaje2@

Feb 09, 2015
need an iilustrator
by: cecilia soltesz

hi my name is cecilia soltesz. i need an illustrator for a childrens much do you charge? my email is

Jul 02, 2012
Great work
by: Jeremy

I like your work and love the elephant and butterflies.

I am just publishing a small illustrated children's English-Spanish book and will keep your info on file in case I get some more bi-lingual work.

(I publish a few books each year.)

Jeremy FF

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