I'm Big Enough

written by Amber Stewart
illustrated by Layn Marlow

Amber Stewart's I'm Big Enough
illustrated by Layn Marlow

Book review by Tamara Splingaerd

Ages 3-5

Soothing Story about a Bunny and her Blanket

I didn’t buy this book because my daughter had a blanket attachment issue; I bought it because I thought the pictures were pretty. And it was on sale. Honestly, I’m surprised that it’s still requested as a bedtime story and I’m even more surprised that I don’t mind.

There’s not much to it: Bean the bunny is growing up and is “big enough” to do all sorts of kid things like dandelion picking and swinging higher than all her friends. But she still takes her baby blanket everywhere she goes.

cropped cover image, I'm Big Enough, question mark superimposed

Mommy and Daddy suggest she try doing things without her blanket. Bean hides her blanket so they can’t take it away. There’s a strong poetic quality to the language, especially when Bean is searching for the perfect hiding spot for her precious blankie:

It wasn’t on the edge of
Stickleback Pond because
the frogs might find it.

It wasn’t between the branches
of Thunderstruck Tree because
the birds might take it.

It wasn’t buried in the
soft earth because the
mice might want it.

But then Bean can’t remember where she hid it. Sorrow.

Beans’s family was very kind about the lost blanket disaster. Daddy read her two extra bedtime stories, and Mommy made her hot milk to help her sleep. And Bean’s brother lent her his second favorite teddy bear.

In the end she sees a baby fox, a totally adorable baby fox cuddled up with her blanket, and realizes she’s much too big for her blankie.

I have nothing to contribute about how effective a blanket-detachment tool this is since I haven’t conducted any psychological experiments on my children recently. But even if it doesn’t work, it won’t hurt. It’s a soothing story for any young child, which is probably why I'm Big Enough still makes regular bedtime appearances at my house.

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