Snowy Bear
written by Tony Mitton
illustrated by Alison Brown

Tony Mitton's Snowy Bear (Snow Bear in the UK)
illustrated by Alison Brown

Book review by Tassa Dimitropoulos

Ages 3-6

Lonely bear finds warmth and friendship

Somewhere along our make-believe bedtime story journey, my daughter got hooked on the idea of a girl and a bear as friends.

This book completely fit the bill as it finds a lonely bear, out in the snow searching for warmth, and perhaps more, until he stumbles upon a cabin with a warm fire glowing and a lonely girl inside.

Snow Bear (Snowy Bear in the US) by Tony Mitton

The pictures are immediately engaging and you instantly get that wintery feeling that makes you want to snuggle up and conjure images of hot chocolate and frosty window panes.

You can tell from the front page that this is a good feeling book and suitable for any age.

The rhyming is quite sophisticated. "Behind him his prints trace a long weary line" didn't put off my 2 year old and introduces some good vocabulary.

Of course the verses also have a beautiful rhythm, which complement the images of moving snow.

Many a time my little one has been turned off by verses that are too loquacious but this book seems to keep her hooked. The charming illustrations certainly help at that .

What is great about this book is that it can appeal to a fairly wide age range. I'm sure any child from 2-6 would be able to appreciate it.

Educationally speaking, there are plenty of questions you could ask to extend an older child as well.

  • Where could this Snowy Bear have come from?
  • Why is he alone?
  • Are the other animals being rude or just protective?
  • Why is the girl alone?
  • Is she safe?

I wonder how this would be received by an older child. Would they notice the child left untended? I presume you could explore where the parents could be but from the pictures, there wasn't a shop next door!

I guess sometimes its best to leave 'reality' alone when entering the world of the imagination!

I love reading this as a bedtime story so we both get that cozy snuggly feeling before turning out the light. The images of the house and its belongings all delicately add to this warm sensation. Books, a fire, a cup of hot chocolate…!

This is also a great story that you could continue in make-believe. What would the girl's family say when they came home to find Snowy Bear? I highly recommend this for a comfy winter's read!

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