Snake on a Bike
by Teresa Bresler

Snake on a Bike by Teresa Bresler

One Spring day the rain began to fall and fall and fall.
Mud puddles were everywhere, pathways, roads and all.

Then, oh what luck, in the muddy muck
The town mail truck got stuck, stuck, stuck.

"What should I do?" cried postal worker Ben.
"I must get the mail to Oak Tree Glen."

"I can do it!"  said Roger, happening by.
I would like to help. Oh, I would love to try!”

"I will use my bike with its special sidecar."
Once I load it up, it can really go far!"

"That's great!" said Ben, with a tear in his eye.
"Thanks so much. You are one swell guy!"

"It's no trouble," said Roger, "to help a dear friend."
"And everyone else with mail to send."

So off Roger went with his sidecar filled
Of mail and packages, feeling quite thrilled.

When the townsfolk heard what Roger had done,
They stopped making jokes and poking their fun.

And from that day on, all would tip their hat
To the snake on his bike, now how about that?

The End

© Teresa Bresler, 2017

The author lives in California, USA.

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