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Sleeping alone can be scary...and lonely

If your child is afraid to sleep in his or her own bed, there might be some very good reasons!

"Won't Sleep Alone"

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Maybe your child has never slept on her own. Maybe he returned for comfort during sickness, and now he doesn't want to leave.

Regardless of the reason, it can be a struggle to persuade your child that "sleeping in your own room" is what "big kids" do. Sleeping alone is one part of growing up that just isn't fun.

It can be hard, too, for parents to say no to sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room. No one likes leaving their child feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

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A children's book about sleeping alone that can help

My children's book about sleeping in your own bed, How Sonora Got Her Own Room Back, is a form of bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the use of children's books to address children's problems - whether behavioral or traumatic.

"Sonora" is the story of a little girl who was comfortable in her own room but starts getting used to sleeping with Mommy and Daddy again. When they try to set limits, Sonora is having none of it!

Sonora's parents act surprisingly: they give her exactly what she wants. They tell her that their room is her room...and then they proceed to make her room into Daddy's office.

Sonora isn't so sure how she feels about this crazy turn of events! I suspect your child will be very eager to see how things turn out.

(Note to parents: Sonora ends up choosing to sleep in her own room. Hopefully, after working with the book, your child will make the same choice!)

Sonora's story is a fun one that any child will enjoy. But I've done something else to make sure the book's message really hits home...

Illustrations are important!

The goal with a behavior book is to get your child to interact with it repeatedly. That way the book's lessons are reinforced. That's why we offer two PDF versions of Sonora...

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