site build it question (monetize)

by Em

Hi, I read through your site build it information and it is really appealing. Sorry if this is too personal, but I was wondering what you have made Monthly and yearly off of this site.

Em, I'm thoroughly offended...

No, I'm not! I'll tell you, the only reason I don't like answering that question is because the figure tends to increase over time. So the answer I give now is (I hope) only going to look like pocket change in a year!

But here's the answer. It's March, 2008. Over the last 3 months, I've made about $1400 from this site. So I'm averaging a little under $500 a month. But to put that in some growth perspective...

Last summer I was averaging only about $130 a month. Now that's growth!

Yearly figures seem silly at this point to quote, because of the growth trend and because I only started putting up the site 2 years ago.

A little more perspective on income

Once you write your pages, they're out there, working for you...forever. So a site becomes, essentially, passive income. Not money in the bank but interest from the bank. That's why lots of SBIers build multiple sites...

Once you get the hang of this thing, it's capable not just of paying some of the bills...but all of the bills.

In fact, I've just started my second SBI site, The Shared Self Publishing Experience.

If you'd like to follow up on your question, Em, use the Comments form below. Or, if you'd like to put your questions to SBI directly, they have a staff devoted to just that at

Finally, a quick heads up. It's March 17th. SBI is offering a 2nd-Site-at-2/3-off special through the first day of Spring. So if this is really appealing to you, you might want to hurry up and ask them about that too.

If you believe in "it was meant to be," your timing couldn't be better!


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