The Shining Star
by Jude Harrison-Smith

The Shining Star, by Jude Harrison-Smith

Once upon a time there was a little star who lived way up in the night sky. He didn’t shine very brightly at all and he had lost his sparkle. When he was born he had been ever so twinkly but over time he became sad and his shine had disappeared.

It all started when he had come out one night and was twinkling away for everyone to see when some children looked up at the sky and pointed at him. One of them said “ha, you’re not a real star, you’re not as bright as the others are you?”

The star’s feelings were really hurt and when a star hurts they can’t shine as brightly. The next night when he came out he wasn’t twinkling as much as before but his friends in the sky tried to cheer him up to get his sparkle back.

He was starting to feel a little bit brighter when a really bright new star in the sky appeared. The new star told the little star to ‘push off’ and get out of his way because he wasn’t as bright as them.

That is when his shine disappeared altogether. He felt very sad and heavy, like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He faded into the night sky and sat quietly out of sight while all the other stars twinkled away happily.

For a few days he felt like this, struggling to come out at all sometimes, he felt cold and he didn’t want to talk to the other stars and he didn’t feel very hungry anymore.

Then one very clear night he was way up high, almost out of sight altogether when he overheard a child asking her Mummy why the star at the back wasn’t very twinkly like the others. The child’s Mum answered “maybe he just doesn’t feel well tonight, why don’t we cheer him up”.

With that the child shouted up to the little star “Cheer up little star, you are beautiful. Let us see you shine”.

Suddenly little star felt a bit warm inside his tummy and without realising he twinkled a little. The child was so excited to see him twinkle that she shouted up again “thank you little star, that made me very happy. Please don’t stop twinkling. I have to go to bed now but I will see you tomorrow”.

The little star started to shine even brighter and his face felt funny. Then he realised it was because he was smiling, something he hadn’t done in a while. He felt good because he had made the little girl happy.

The more he smiled and the happier he felt, the brighter he shone and the more twinkly he became. He couldn’t wait now until tomorrow night.

The next night he made sure he got out into the sky nice and early so he got a good space. He shone with pride.

When the little girl was getting ready for bed, she put her face to the bedroom window and it didn’t take long to spot little star for there he was…

The brightest and twinkliest shining star in the sky.

©Jude Harrison-Smith 2016

The author lives in Cheshire, England.

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